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Monday, February 26th, 2024 9:02 PM

authorization code Invalid


I am trying to transfer my domain to a new registerer. I had requested a transfer code last week although due to issues with the new registerer I was unable to start the transfer process until today. When I do I am receiving an alert from the new registerer that the Authorization Code is invalid. I have tried manually entering it with no luck. I re-requested the code a second time from homestead thinking the code may have expired and I would get a new code, only to receive the same code which is not working. I checked and the domain spelling at the new registerer is correct and they show the correct source for the current registerer. Would it be possible to get a new authorization code emailed to me or can you check to see if there is an issue on the homestead side?


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2 months ago

I would recommend copying/pasting the authorization code into a 3rd party system like a notepad. Then, cut and paste the code into your new registrar. I've never seen a code be incorrect, but I have seen formatting issues.