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Monday, February 6th, 2023 2:19 PM

Published page showing incorrectly on a phone. But is just fine on a PC..

I have a page that I published and shows correct on a PC, but anybody pulling up the page on their cell phone is not getting the correct page.

Example. There is a text that I have on the page.  The text is there for the PC, but not the phone.  I do not believe it's a cashe issue with the phone either as I've had it tested on other peoples phones that have never accessed the page before, and it's still incorrect. 

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1 year ago


Is this for midwestgundogfederation.com? If so, can you log into the DudaMobile account to edit it?

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@elyzabethv​ I'm having the same issue.  Our business phone number changes numbers when it's published.  It's so weird.  I even unlinked phone link and it still changes the number.

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1 year ago

My experience has been whenever my I view my website from my phone, I switch from "Mobile" view to "Classic" view, and it shows up the same way it does on a PC.  You should be able to access this option be scrolling down to the bottom of your website page on your phone.  I have an android so I don't know whether it would be different on an iPhone.