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Saturday, March 4th, 2023 4:33 PM

How to transfer or copy photos from my old website to new one?

I have an old Homestead website & am creating a new one.  How do I transfer or copy my photos that are used on the old site to the new one?  Thanks!

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1 year ago


Images will need to be manually downloaded from the older site and uploaded to the new ones. There is no tool to transfer them. 

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1 year ago

We figured it out on our own, no thanks to Homestead, sadly.  It's tedious but do-able.  Here's how it worked on my Windows laptop...

-Log into your old Homestead site.

-Click the +INSERT button at the top of the page.

-Click the IMAGE icon.

-Click the thumbnail view icon on the upper right (it looks like four white panes in a dark background).

-Images of your photos will appear.

-Select one photo by double clicking on it. (This temporarily adds this photo to your old site, but don't worry, as it's easy to delete later.)

-You'll see EDIT and REPLACE buttons on the upper right of the photo.

-Click EDIT.  The image will pop up in an edit screen.

-Right click on the image.  You'll see options to "SAVE IMAGE AS" or "COPY IMAGE" to your computer.

-Click "SAVE IMAGE AS."  The file directory for your computer will pop up.

-Choose where you want to save the image by clicking on a location, then give the image a name.

-After downloading, CANCEL the image in the EDIT IMAGE box on your old Homestead site.

*-Now you have to get rid of the image that you've temporarily inserted into your old site.  It's still in front of you right now.  Right click inside the image.  A box will pop up with various options... click DELETE.  The extra image should vanish & your old site should be as it was when you started.

-Repeat this process with each image you want to save to your computer.  You can now begin the process of uploading your newly saved images onto your NEW site.

Whew.  Why does it have to be so difficult, Homestead??  Why can't there be an easy way to transfer photos from the old site to the new one?