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Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 4:49 PM

How To Support Small Businesses

How To Support Small Businesses

All around, the big brands are right in front of us—on advertisements and social media, on store shelves... pretty much everywhere. But it’s small businesses that have the biggest impact on our communities.

Small businesses provide quality, unique products, and services that we love—in addition to employing people we know. Often we can’t live without them. They’re our neighbors, friends, and family. It's incredibly difficult running a small business and there’s definitely more than a little luck involved in making one last for more than a few years.

If you have the ability to, we highly encourage you to support small businesses everywhere. These five tips will help you do it:

  1. Buy Gift Cards:
    If you have the means to do so, purchase gift cards from your favorite local businesses. You will eventually be able to spend this money and it will help that business to keep going in the meantime.

  2. Order Online:
    This one is not just for restaurants. Shops, salons, and many other businesses are switching to an online business model to adapt to the current business climate. Instead of buying face wash from Walmart, consider buying it online from a local salon. Many nail or hair places are selling care kits that you can purchase. Take an online class or workshop that music stores are selling. Businesses are getting creative to find ways to still bring you their products and services. Take advantage of this.

  3. Schedule Future Appointments:
    If you already had an appointment that falls during this shutdown, don’t just cancel. Reschedule instead. Or, schedule new appointments for services you know you will want. After these weeks of quarantine, many of us will want a professional hair cut, Mani/Pedi, or massage. You can pre-schedule and pay for these appointments. This will benefit the businesses and will prevent you from having to wait when all of the appointments are filling up.

  4. Share Content:
    Many businesses are becoming more active on social media these days, as a way to communicate with existing and potential customers. Share their posts. You may not need or want their services, but someone on your friend’s list might. This is one of the easiest ways you can support a business.

  5. Leave a Review:
    With many businesses that were previously only brick and mortar switching to online business, they would definitely be appreciative of any positive reviews you deem fit to leave. This will help let others know what fantastic services they provide. It is a great way for businesses to establish an online reputation.

Let’s do what we can to ensure that small businesses are able to keep going.

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