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Community: Quick tips

Community: Quick tips
When using the community, here are some tips for better assistance.

First, searching for keywords, or looking at the current and recent announcements topics may yield a quick and easy answer to your question, however, if you are unable to find an answer and wish to post your own topic, here are some tips you can use, so that the community can better help.

  1. Please read the community guidelines
  2. Logging in to the Homestead community requires you use your Homestead credentials. This means Homestead employees can find your account from your post. Never post you PIN or password in this community, unless an employee asks you to. We will only do this if you created, or we converted a topic to be private.
  3. Give us as much information as you can. The more detail we have from the start, the more likely we can give you an answer without asking more questions. This will save you time. This means provide specific site name, page names, error messages, etc..
  4. When adding to an existing conversation, there are 2 options, comment and reply. Typically if you are reporting that you are having a similar issue to the original post, you should use the reply option. Comments are used to add information or assistance to a specific reply in a topic.
  5. If you search for an answer and don't find one, when creating your new topic, please let us know you were unable to find a topic and if possible, include some of the search terms you used that failed to retrieve your answer. If the topic doesn't exist, we can make one if it would be of benefit to the community. If we already have one, we will merge your question to that topic and you will be notified. Providing us with search terms that didn't work, allows us to add those words to the relevant topics to improve the search.
These are just a few things that will help us to assist you more quickly with a minimum of back and forth questions. Also, please remember that this is a community. Homestead employees will answer your questions, however, other customers may also be willing to help and may get to you before we do, or have a different perspective than we do. 

I want to remind everyone that this community is meant to be helpful and friendly, so ask questions or report issues, but above all keep it productive and professional. A little fun is allowed as well.
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