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Saturday, March 11th, 2023 7:41 PM

Can't Align Elements in editor

The "element alignment" process as described by Homestead is from 2019. If I follow those instructions ie:

  1. Hold down the ​​Shift​​ key and then click/select the elements you wish to align. This will display a blue, or yellow box around the elements so that you can see everything that is selected. ​

  2. ​ ​
  3. ​After you've selected the desired elements, then look to the right side in the properties editor and you'll see the Align options like in the image below. ​

    BUT the align option does not show up on my screen ... only 4 other basic options. This is making me crazy and apparently Homestead has no technical design support on the weekends. HELP!

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These instructions are for a different editor. The editor you're using doesn't have this feature.