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Sat, Dec 14, 2013 7:16 PM


Why isn't my featured products panel showing up?

Do you have any featured products? 1. In your Bigcommerce control panel, go to Products › View Products.

2. Check the Featured column in the list of products to make sure that at least one product has been marked as featured. The panel will not appear unless at least one product is marked as featured.

The Featured column in the View Products list

How many featured products are set to display? 1. Go to Setup & Tools › Customize your store › Store Settings.

2. Click on the Display tab.

The Display tab in the Store Settings section

3. Make sure that the number next to Featured Products is at least 1.

The Featured Products setting in the Display Settings area

Is the Featured Products panel in your template? 1. In your Bigcommerce control panel, go to Design.

2. Click on the Edit HTML/CSS button.

The Edit HTMLCSS button in the Design section

3. In the HTML code that appears (for default.html), look for%%Panel.HomeFeaturedProducts%%.

Defaulthtml code containing the Featured Products panel

4. If it does not, you can insert it in the middle column (usually under %%Panel.HomeSlideShow%%or %%Banner.TopBanner%%).

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