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Sat, Oct 5, 2013 1:45 PM


How do I move my description panel on the product.html page?

In your template files, you can move around the panels that are used on your storefront. In this fashion, you can actually move panels such as the Product Description and Other Details. As an example, this article will move these two panels in between the price and add to cart button on the product page.

Please note that while we offer this tutorial and it is tested and working at the time of creation, any customization of or support for these types of articles is outside of our scope of support. If you require assistance with any design or customization, we recommend that you contact a Homestead web advisor to discuss Design services.

Please Note

This tutorial does not apply to the following Themes given that these variables already reside inside ProductDetails.html, and therefore do not need to be moved: Classic - White, Bedazzled - White, BrideToBe - White, ClassicHip - White, HomeiQ - White, Munchen - White, Musik - Black, Outdoor - White, Runway - White, and Winestore - White.

1.) Login to your store's control panel.

2.) Click on Design.


3.) Click on the Template Files tab.


4.) Scroll down to the product.html file, and click Edit.


5.) Copy the panel's variable that you wish to move. In this case, we're going to move both %%Panel.ProductDescription%% and %%Panel.ProductOtherDetails%%.


6.) In the list of Panels to the top left, scroll through and click on ProductDetails.html.


7.) Paste the copied variables just above the Add to Cart snippet.


8.) Click Save.



Here is how it will appear on the storefront:


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