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Mon, Jul 11, 2022 9:46 PM

Why is my website hits going away again.

Is this real or is it a faulty counting system within Homestead.  I would love to send you my 11K email list that I fear putting out due to all the problems I am encountering and I right now have no faith in the website hits as they were going up steadily and we put new content up to do so and all of a sudden we have nothing but 4 hits from the east coast?  Now it could be true but the problem is  - Homestead has been so inconsistent that I dont know what to trust.  ANd I ceratinly don t want to put out emails if I can t  count the hits it generates.  The low numbers for monday and sunday usually come after some sort of disaster like a school shooting or war in ukraine and I have checked cnn and fox and its business as usual.

Can someone look into this please.

John koman.

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3 m ago


There are no current issues with the stats for our websites. If you made changes to your site, it is possible that this has temporarily affected your Google Ranking, and what you're seeing is an effect of fewer website visits from search engines. If this is the case, a marketing email campaign would not be affected because those would be direct visits from a link.