Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 12:35 AM

Unable to publish website

I'm unable to publish my site. Once I try to publish it,it sends me to another site with the same domain name as mine. 

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What is your URL and what sitebuilder are you using, sb+ or websitebuilder?

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WEBSITE PAGE NOT PUBLISHING: Use Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
1. Try a F5 to Refresh your browser.
2. Publishing will be prohibited if you've exceed your page limit or your storage limit. Does your account allows for 25mb of disk space? If you are attempting to exceed that amount, so it will not publish.
3. You may add 1gb of space for $2/month.
4. you can look in the file manager and see if there are files no longer on a page that you can delete to free up some space.
5. To see your used and remaining storage space, go to homestead.com and log into your account. Select My Account > Account Summary > In the page that opens, you'll see your site stats, including the amount of MB used and remaining.
6. Do you have a 5 page plan? You may be trying to publish more than 5 pages. You can either remove pages to get down to 5, or you can add a 10/pack, 10 additional pages for $2/month.
7. Have you tried publishing from the file manager? https://community.homestead.com/homestead/topics/why-are-my-changes-not-publishing.

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Your nameservers needed to be reset from when your account was closed. I have taken care of this on my end and you should see your website online today.