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Sunday, February 25th, 2024 4:23 PM

Transfer file to different website

Our website grows with each project we do... hence we now have two websites within our account. The viewer doesnt know this unless they are watching the urls.  I would like to copy or transfer some of my pages to the new website WITHIN MY ACCOUNT. Can I do that and if so... how?

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2 months ago

In other words copy or transfer a page file from one website WITHIN my account to another website WITHIN MY ACCOUNT.  

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2 months ago


Unfortunately, no, this is not possible. The pages would need to be rebuilt on the other site. 

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1 month ago

There is a way to copy and paste your webpages from one website domain to another.  You can do it by copying and pasting section by section of each page.  Depending on how many sections you have on each page will determine how long it takes, but it's a lot less work than recreating every page onto a new site.  To me that would be completely overwhelming.

Here's what you do:

1) First, open both websites (your original and new site) on website builder so their tabs are at the top your desktop and you can easily go from one website to the other. 

2) Before you start copying and pasting from your original website to your new website, you will need to replicate the exact measurements from the page your are copying from to your new page on your new website.  This means if the page you are copying from has six sections each with a height of 530 (and the standard width of 960), then your new page will need to have six sections each with a height of 530.  The format of your new page must be identical to the page you are copying from. 

3) To begin, I would recommend starting at the top with section one.  Here's the most important part, in order to copy everything in section one as a whole, you must place a container over section one to capture everything you have in section one.  So you will essentially have a 530 in height rectangle container with a 960 width.  You may have to send the container "backwards" in order for everything in the section to attach to the container.

4) You can do a quick test to see if everything is in the container by copying and pasting right onto your original page.  Once you see everything is in it, you can delete it.

5) In order to copy section by section of your original page to your new page, copy the container of the section using "control c", not the copy feature that pops up on website builder.

6) Now got to your new website's identical page format and paste using "control v".  You may need to move your container a little bit to have it placed correctly, however it will automatically place to the section of the page you just copied from.  So as long as your new page is identical in format, it should not deviate far from where you need it to go.

Hope this helps.