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Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 4:09 PM

The Benefits Of Blogging

The Benefits Of Blogging

Did you know there are over 500 million blogs that exist online today? Blogging is becoming increasingly more popular and carries many benefits along with it. Not only does blogging allow you to share your passion with others, it can also help to educate, gain exposure and generate revenue for your business. Here are 10 benefits of blogging.

  • Become a Better Writer

I like to refer to the phrase if you don't use it you lose it. The more you write, the better you will become at it. Blogging allows you to strengthen your writing and develop better communication skills. Even if it is not your main focus to become a stronger writer, this is simply the natural effect of blogging. It will improve the clarity of your thoughts and allow you to communicate more fluently with your audience. I would strongly urge every blogger to use a helpful writing tool such as Grammarly, whether you are a beginner or expert writer the small suggestions Grammarly provides can help elevate you to the next level. Who knows? Maybe, like many bloggers out there, your skills will advance allowing you to one day become a published author.  

  • Share Knowledge 

Blogging allows you to connect with people all over the world with similar interests. You can engage in in-depth conversations about the topics you are most passionate about. The other humans on the receiving end are not only listening, but they are also communicating their thoughts and feedback. Blogging is a great way to enlighten intrigued followers on the selected subject, not only will you be sharing and educating others you will find that you will learn just as much as you have to offer. 

  • Become a Proclaimed Expert

One of the keys to gaining recognition as an expert in your niche is being able to provide helpful and reliable information. Blogging allows you to prove that you are well rounded in your industry and other relevant areas. When someone visits your blog and sees that you are providing insight on the subject, along with the support and respect of your community, it will be clear you are truly an expert in your field. This can help lead to job opportunities, receiving recognition and awards. 

  • Generate Exposure

Once you are introduced to your community your influence is endless, readers that enjoy your blog posts will start to become more than an outsider looking in. These people will become friends that value the interesting information you provide. Followers will begin to interact with your posts, send you messages, share your information and help build your brand. This will have an extremely positive influence on the amount of online traffic your site receives. 

  • Manage Online Identity and Gain Trust

More often than we might like to admit, the internet has been used to diminish or degrade a person's or business's online identity. Blogging allows you to be the positive voice of your brand and lets people form an option of their own about you and your business. When visitors read your posts, they know they are your direct thoughts and beliefs, it builds trust and helps create a better relationship with your consumers. No matter what they hear from an outside source or negative influence, your customers know exactly where you stand and are more likely to brush off any untrue rumors. 

  • Collect Emails 

It may not always seem like the easiest task but it is one of the most beneficial. Collecting email addresses allows you to put information directly in front of peoples eyes and demands immediate attention. This also promotes email marketing for your business allowing you to stay connected with your customers. Sending direct emails show your followers they are valued, they see that you are willing to take the extra step and efforts to communicate information directly to them. As you build your email subscribers you can physically put a number on the impact you're making online.

  • Promote and Sell Products

Blogging opens a platform for you to speak about and promote any products or services you offer. Though this does not have to be a direct sales pitch, like buy this product today, you can take a different approach. You can share testimonies from others who have purchased and use your product to show how much this has been a helpful asset to their lives. As more people engage and also rave about your products it will only have a positive influence on others to also make the investment. 

  • Maximize Revenue

So many bloggers are collecting money by simply doing what they love, talking about subjects they are passionate about. Becoming well know and building your network can open many doors and opportunities to capitalize on. Once you establish a spot in this industry and are recognized in your field you can get multiple offers to attend conferences, interviews and may be asked to participate in other paid programs. 

  • Develop Stronger Relationships with Existing and Potential Customers

Blogging will let you show a more personal side of your business that customers may not grasp through outbound marketing. Blogging gives others insight into your business standards,  your company's vision, and the personality of your leadership. Why would a business owner rely on chance or opinion when you can lay out all the facts directly to interested consumers and receive immediate and valued feedback. Conversation with your consumers directly will strengthen the overall customer experience with new and existing customers. 

  • SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is extremely important for any online presence. Blogging allows search engines to correlate a direct relation to what someone may be searching for. As you continue to write in-depth articles on certain topics google and other search engine take notice and this is an amazing way to generate more online traffic.

These are only a few of the plethora of benefits blogging has to offer. Take control of your online identity, build your brand and maximize the amount of revenue your business generates. 
Start blogging today!

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3 years ago

Very helpful and useful information, starting now into 2021 I will follow most of it.

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Perfect, thanks for reading through this information.

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3 years ago

please post an updated video or blog post on how to add a blog. the video and site builder are over a year old and the I cannot find what is in the video.

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Here are the instructions for adding a blog to the site, they are correct and still current for the process to add a blog.