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Mon, Oct 28, 2019 9:45 PM

Text table in WebsiteBuilder

I couldn't find any table in the elements offered with Website Builder.  So I made one using multiple text boxes.  It looks okay in the Desktop version, and almost works in the Mobile version.  See attached screenshot.  In the Mobile version each of the three different seasonal prices appear in a row across the screen, except for July and August, where there happens to be an extra digit in the figure, making the table hard to understand.  I had made sure to reduce the font size, so that the text boxes are exactly the same width.  I've tried making them even smaller with an even smaller font, but the same thing still happens. 

Is there any other approach that would work better?  Maybe I can group the text boxes to keep them together.  I found examples of grouped elements in the design template, but can't find how to make a group.

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