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Site Checklist

Site Checklist

Did you know that your website is a direct online representation of your business and brand? It is recommended to review and update the information on your website frequently to ensure your customers and viewers receive the best experience possible. If there are issues on the website it can negatively impact the customer experience and hurt your business by repelling returning or potential customers. Stay up to date with your site and remain connected with your audience by quickly reviewing these areas. 

Here is a checklist of a few things to frequently review and update on the website if needed. 

Update information that references time and dates. 

  • Hours of operation 
  • Calendars
  • Event dates and times
  • Current and upcoming news
  • Copyright information in footer of site

Contact and bio information. 

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Business street address

Check website and elements functionality. 

  • Check for broken links
  • Check any contact buttons referencing email and/or phone numbers
  • Check form functionalities. Make sure it works and submissions are being sent to the correct email address
  • Check any call to actions buttons. CTA's 
  • Check website security certificate/SSL 

Check eCommerce information.

Test on multiple platforms.

  • Look at the site using different browsers
  • Test on mobile devices and tablets 

Review Website for consistency.

  • Font style
  • Color schemes 
  • Grammar and punctuation 
  • Image quality. Use higher resolution images for better quality and visibility 

Does your website need fresh new content to keep viewers interested and engaged? 

Add a BLOG to your site. Blogs are an extremely effective marketing tactic and promote customer interaction.  

Technology is always advancing and sometimes may require a complete redesign and overhaul. If your website does NOT possess these aspects it may be time to update the builder you utilize. 
If your site is NOT  

  • Mobile friendly- Looks like the desktop on a phone
  • Secured- Not secured appears in address bar
  • Loads slow-Takes more that 15 seconds to load all content
  • Responsive and has a modern design-Looks outdated

It may be time to consider doing a bit of virtual spring cleaning. Upgrade your site to WebsiteBuilder for free and take advantage of the new features.  

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