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Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 8:34 PM

New Microsoft Edge Browser

New Microsoft Edge Browser
For current users of Edge and Internet Explorer, as of January 2020, Microsoft has introduced a new Microsoft Edge browser which is optimized for Windows 10. The browser is available on all devices and includes modern features. The new Edge browser is based on Chromium source code developed by Google which will provide better speed, performance, privacy and has the best compatibility for websites and extensions. 

Some of the new features include:

Profile-  Remembers passwords, payment information, addresses and more.

Custom Style- Choose what you want to see when you open a new tab. Select the layout best for you: Focused, Inspirational, or Informational.

Privacy and Services- Allows more control of your data and collected information. Provides tracking prevention and InPrivate mode. 

4K Streaming- High definition media on Windows 10. 

Custom Extensions- Download and apply browser extensions directly from Edge. There is also a setting to chrome extensions to enhance the browser functionality. 

Immersive Reader- Allows the user to change the background color for easier reading and also has the read-aloud feature. The browser will read the text displayed on the site. 

These are only a few features of the new Edge browser and utilizing this version will provide the best experience with the Homestead builders and websites. So if you are using Edge, Internet Explorer or another browser other than Google chrome or Firefox, download the new browser and get an overall better online experience. 

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