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Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 6:16 PM

Local Lift

Local Lift
Local lift is a great kick-starter for your small business! Don't miss out on claiming your listings and generating more traffic to your website. Sign up today!

1. Log into your Homestead account and click on Local lift on the left. 

2. Enter your business information and click on Get Free Report.

You will receive a report of all directories your business is and is not being listed on. 

3. Click on Fix Listings. You will see the 3 local lift packages available Emerging which lists your business on 15 sites, Essential lists your business on 30+ sites and Established which places your listing on 50+ sites. Select Buy Now to enroll in the package you choose. 

4. Click submit to confirm purchase. 

5. Next, click set up your listing. 

6. Fill out your business information  and click submit listing 

Once you submit your information it will be processed to the local directories in your area and you can be found more easily and accurately online!

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