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Mon, Sep 30, 2019 2:46 PM


How can I add HTML5 output to my website?

I have a Raptivity linker interaction that plays on a HTML player.  It needs to be in a publish folder with files that comprise the interactions, in order to play.  

I can't find a way to upload the publish folder.  It appears I can only upload Flash or Doc files to my website. 

 The publish file I seek to upload has the following  file types: style sheet doc, png, java script, XML, text doc, MP3, XSLT, and chrome html document-which is the player, which I would like to link a button to so it can be played from my website.  The file sizes are all under 30 mb and there are 20 of them that I want to upload and link to.

Directions from the Raptivity people are:  "You can easily add Raptivity HTML5  output  by using iframe coded.  First host Raptivity output file (the publish file) on server, then reference that link in this code:  <iframe src="Hosted Raptivity output link"width="715" height="500" scrolling="no"/>

Any suggestions?   Thank you

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