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Saturday, March 25th, 2023 6:18 PM

hackers are in your system and controlling my website information. they have apparently created a "ghost" website that is merely a front

today---saturday---you are not in your office so i can''t call and have you solve this.  I added information to my website----saved it published it---and it appears to be on my website when i am in the website manager.  But---when i get off homestead and go to the internet----the changes are not there.  i use library computers so i have tried with numerous browsers and none of them show it being changed.

i'm sure that when the hacker is finished doing whatever he is doing on my website---like intercepting peoples hit to it---he will put it up as he always does.

Please contact the FBI and tell them your site is hacked---i'm having trouble having a website with this hacker controlling my website.

thank ou

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1 year ago


If anything, there may have just been a delay in the publishing queue. Are your changes showing up now?