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Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 10:04 PM

Form submissions are not being received, random emails are bouncing back

We have been experiencing random email bounce backs for several weeks minimum now.  Sometimes resending these emails works and sometimes it doesn't.  

In addition to this issue, we are not receiving form submissions from our website.  We were not aware that this was a problem until a customer called and reported it to us today, upon review of our website we found that there were additional form submissions that had also not been received. Thank goodness that the form submissions were recent and we were able to save face with the customer.  I tried some test form submissions myself and when I click on Submit, it asks what email provider I would like to use and upon selecting an email provider, it simply opens a new, blank email.  No form information is reflected in the email, no data/information at all is reflected in the email.  

It appears as though multiple people are experiencing this same issue based on other posts seen on your Help site today.  Please help!

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5 months ago


It sounds like you may have linked the submit button on the contact form directly to an email address. I would recommend deleting the contact form and recreating it.