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Monday, February 12th, 2024 8:18 PM

Bill increase with NO Explanation

Billing and plan information... my plan was increased and auto billed with no explanation... website not clear on charges... Could not log into my account... claimed my email was not valid... called... then able to login... switched to monthly billing... Probably switching to another host... your service is brutal... 

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2 months ago

I agree- Terrible !!!

To boot, I m hearing that if I decide to cancel the account I would have to re-create my complete website on another platform!!!

what kind of company is this.  The code is HTML, CSS & Javascript; how difficult is that to provide?

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2 months ago

Check your email. There WAS an explanation. A whopping $2.50 increase. Not worth complaining about.

BTW, there are LOTS of other website providers you can switch to.

And to the person who complained about not being able to migrate, no, you can't if you're still using the old Sitebuilder software.


Thank you for choosing Homestead. We want to inform you of an upcoming price adjustment to your current Homestead billing. Please note that this adjustment will be reflected in your next renewal statement.

To maintain both the products and services you receive from Homestead, we will be adjusting the price of your hosting package:

  • Product Name: Website Hosting Package
  • Price Increase: $2.50/month
  • Please account for local currency equivalents where applicable

To determine how this increase will affect your billing, you may sign in and view your current invoice and product subscriptions here, or you may log into your account directly at Homestead.com.

We are available to you Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM MST at 1-800-710-1998, or on our Homestead Community should you have any questions. Thank you for entrusting your website needs to Homestead.


Your Homestead Team


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@eileen8625​ some people on the limited budget and 30 bucks a year is not insignificant perhaps if you think it's no big deal would you kindly send me 30 bucks for a years worth of increase. Let me know if you will and I'll provide my address.

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Reality check. If an increase of $2.50 (not $30) is a big deal for you, then you need to figure out a way to either monetize your website or find another hobby. You cannot expect companies to keep the same prices forever because you're on a limited budget.