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Tue, Oct 1, 2013 11:39 PM


A simple solution regarding the email problems...

Hi everybody. I have read and being personally involved in the spam issue since last week. I stopped receiving ALL my business emails since last Friday. Then, yesterday I read a post from Mike ( and I created a new account with Zoho. Now, all my email problems are solved. Easy. Quickly.

Homestead is (at least for my business) much more than merely an email provider. Is more than the glue that maintain all pieces (Web-related pieces) together. I do not blame Homestead. Things like this happen with any company (I know that, because mine is also a technology business). Moving your email DOES NOT means you need to move all your business from Homestead. They have superb tools (Site Builder Plus, for example) and they work perfectly fine right now.

So, making a small and easy change to my email hosting was not a big deal. Much as you, I really depend upon my email system. However, moving to Zoho was, at the end of the day, a better idea: They offer apps like a CRM that complements what Homestead offers.

Conclusion: Go and change your email service to Zoho. You will receive additional benefits. It is a simple four or five steps ahead.

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