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Photo of Elyzabeth
Common Cloudflare Issues
If you have gone through the instructions and your site still isn't secure or your email isn't working, here are a couple of common reaso...
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Photo of Aki5540
editing option
My image galleries don't have an edit option anymore. Just "change". The gallery on my woodcarving tools and knives page doesn't work. Th...
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Photo of Elana2826
Thank you Elyzabeth (Official Rep) for your reply and your like...And thank you Braiden 1821 (Official Rep) for your like...And thank you...
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Photo of R.9229
Having problems uploading
Hi. I've been trying to publish a page on both desktop sitebuilder and online sitebuilder plus, but it's not uploading -- or at least it'...
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Photo of Aki5540
Image indexing
We're back on the map with Squarespace. A lot of work but it's ok now. Vultures thought we were dead. Lee Valley Tools even took an image...
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