You current business decisions are hurting your loyal customers

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I have been a loyal customer for over 7 years and have built 40+ websites and pay a lot of money for my deluxe package. And now you guys go and change THE ENTIRE PLATFORM which I have spent years perfecting and making efficient to a software that is NOTHING like the one I am use to using. Now I am going to have to relearn the entire process all over again... and oh yeah, by the way, you aren't going to provide ANY training videos or instructional documents to help us. The only thing available is some off line Youtube videos that some guy made because your gigantic business of developers and management made no effort to do so. And to top it all off, I have NO OPTION but to learn this new platform and struggle through it until I learn it all over again, because you FORCE me to by giving me no way out. It's like you have said to all of us loyal customers, I want you to relearn everything, on your own, without any help from the people you pay every month for the service, and you have no option except to leave and go somewhere else. But since I have to relearn it all anyway, maybe this is the opportunity I needed to try someone else.... Not very well thought out, professional or customer friendly decision or executed plan.
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I'm tending to agree with all I've seen about this new program you came out with. What's bad, is it's actually screwing up the old one as well. Never had any problems until this new one. Now, can't even upload my photo's unless I do it with Chrome. Never had a problem with IE before this. Also, do you realize how many of us do not know much on new one, as the other was to me always people friendly. I even spoke to others about how great you were. I can't say that any longer, and I'm afraid you will get rid of my site before I have time to get it over to the new. Unless you can guarantee us that you are keeping what we have been using. I am disabled with FIBRO along with other things, and it's this business which not only brings joy to me, but also is my therapy. It's the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. Thanks to my husband for opening it up, as couldn't afford what I was spending on hobby before that. Still spend all I bring in. Or should I say he brings in. We all need some help out here, and that means some great customer care. We aren't receiving that. I totally agree with what Lee6184 had to say above. Sure so many others feel the same as well.
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I agree that this can be very frustrating as it is a new platform and there is a learning curve and there really aren't tutorials or a genuine Help section. I suspect they haven't gotten around to that because they aren't really done fiddling with the new builder. And yes, it shouldn't have been released before the bugs were worked out and some important functions included that they overlooked and a tutorial section was made. But, they did and they didn't.

So that brings us to what to do. Both of you have expressed concern about your current platforms. Those builders are still in place and you are still able to edit them just like always. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SWITCH TO THE NEW BUILDER unless you want to. There isn't a plan to discontinue either the old desktop version or SiteBuilder+ in the near or distant future. At some point, yes, they will probably discontinue them, but we'll have fair warning, but any new sites you might start will be on the new program.

You have the opportunity to begin using the new builder without losing your current sites. Build at your leisure and when you are done that site can then be associated with your regular domain name. Until then your existing site stays up and you can edit at will just like always.

I won't tell you it's a piece of cake, this new builder, as it does take more than just a bit of experimenting to figure it out, but it does offer the webmaster some things that have been lacking in the past and gives you a more up-to-date look.

I hope this will help ease your fears and perhaps give you the impetus to dive in and give it a go and don't forget that this Forum is always here should you need some help.
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I am sorry if you do not care for the new builder, but as Susan pointed out, we do not require you to change. You may maintain your existing sites in Sitebuilder. Only new sites are created with the new builder and if you really wish to create a new site in the old builder, just create the new site and provide us the name of the site. We can convert it for you to a Sitebuilder site so you can use the old editor. There is no problem there.

I had asked a while back if many customers found videos helpful. We had not made videos for several years, and there was no one that seemed interested. As time permits, I do make topics with screen captures to post her in the community. Unfortunately, recently time has not permitted. Hopefuly I will be able to get back to it very soon, but you are welcome to ask questions here or contact chat or phone support.
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Drew, as stated I understand how the old builder works. I didn't know calling and having you put it in the old sitebuilder was an option.

My frustration is with the new builder and any new sites that have to built in the new platform. My biggest frustration is that it was rolled out without any help/tips/videos as well as no option to use the old version while we were learning the new one. I appreciate the screenshot links set up at But even that I couldn't find after searching alot on the community pages and online.

It has been the execution of the changeover that has been the disappointment. As big as Homestead is and as many customers that rely on your business there should have been a better roll out with support or options until we got the support. Thanks for helping....
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I will pass on your comments to the management team.

If you want to avoid a phone call, you are welcome to post the new site name here and we can convert it for you. If you don't want to publish the name, create a new conversation and click the box that says make this conversation private.
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I currently have a site built on SiteBuilder and I have been building a new site on WebBuilder where the current domain name is a I can see where I can change the domain name... but what can I do to keep the old site (as a back up) when I am ready to launch the new one?
I will second Lee6184... I understand we didn't have to switch, but when a new product is launch, one expects it to be better. There are many things I like about the new builder, but I am wasting a ton of time "playing around" as there are no videos or tutorials. I also wonder how many options I am missing out on because I am just finding things as I go.
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When you have associated your domain to the new website, your older website will remain on the account until you delete it. If you wish to associate the domain back to the original site at a later time, you are able to.

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