Why can't I access Sitebuilder desktop?

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This conversation has been merged. Please reference the main conversation: Continued data migration 12/12/2014

We are currently migrating accounts to a new, faster and more secure data center. Some customers are unable to access Sitebuilder desktop. In many cases, you will be able to launch Sitebuilder Plus from within your Homestead account, so you can make your edits. We are working as quickly as possible to make the transition to the new center and get your desktops back online. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Some very large accounts with 40+ websites, or sites with several hundred pages, may not be able to launch Plus.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience and assure you we are doing everything possible to resolve this.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hello Everyone,  I have been using Homestead since almost the beginning.  I have numerous accounts, associated with numerous sites and domains.  Since this migration began, I have not been able to launch Sitebuilder (LPX/Desktop).  The desktop version I find to be IDEAL for custom designing and creating new sites... I can be precise and specific.  The Plus version is adequate for making minor updates, but is a totally dumbed-down version, with little capacity for custom building a website from scratch (which is what I do for ALL my clients).  Sitebuilder LPX/Desktop is to Sitebuilder Plus as Professional is to Amatuer.  Since the start of this Migration, I have not be able to launch LPX/Desktop... and so far it looks as though this will not change until the entire migration is completed in 2 - 3 weeks.  I do not have one of the biggest accounts on Homestead, so I do not understand why LPX/Desktop has been inaccessible to me for over a week now, especially when it has been strongly implied that only some accounts would be effected for a limited time during the entire migration, not the entire time of the migration.  PLEASE PROVIDE SPECIFIC HELP!!  The generalizations are not helpful, as they seem to be unsubstantiated. i.e. "Keep trying, should be available to you soon"... or "While you are waiting, use Plus"... or "Only big accounts are affected"... In the absence of substance, we are left with speculation: no one is working on a "fix" - they are simply completing the migration as planned, therefore any affected users must wait the expected 2 - 3 weeks.  As a loyal Homestead user, I would have expected an official announcement from Homestead regarding this serious issue, not just polite advice from a "forum moderator" (sorry Drew).  Who in authority is going to step up to the plate?!!

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Beautifully and eloquently said.  I agree completely.  Why there is no official response or explanation or sentiment of concern(no apology) is beyond belief from a customer service perspective.  

Furthermore, why can't homestead temporarily pause the migration (or whatever it is causing the problem) until one can do so without simultaneously causing the desktop version to become inaccessible?

What is so frustrating to all of us is that we have no choice..we are hostages...and NO ONE is giving us any clue as to the problem or length of time to fix it.

A rational minded and customer driven person/company would reach out and show concern & compassion, and demonstrate a sense of urgency to alleviate a problem stemming from their product.
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If you research the godaddy outage of 2011 or 2012 not the hack, it was only down 5 hrs and cost businesses over $100 million. I've been working with techs since 1976 and I like them and their methodology of fixing stuff. I've seen fires, floods and everything else knock these servers offline. Homestead, Intuit have both refunded me and credited my account numerous times in the past I expect the same from Endurance but I'm not going to ask this time. why? because I had no contingency plan for my service I bet everything on Sitebuilder LPX with the foolish notion it would be there everyday I wake up. I got plastered for Cybermonday 2014 but i'm not going to sit and cry about it. I'm going to learn from it and move on. I'm hoping they have it back up by xmas, if it's not then I will start to freak.
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OK, here we are on the 12th and no official word in how many days now???  I'm very amazed at how patient everyone has been, honestly.  When Time Warner's email was down for a week I thought a mob would form and take out the entire company!  The way we are NOT kept informed is disheartening to say the least.  This is a livelihood for many, and at the very least a big inconvenience.  The fact that some have apparently been unaffected still doesn't seem right and makes me wonder. 
For my own case, I have found that if you constantly close or click ok as each of the error boxes pops up, eventually I get the opportunity to open the desktop sitebuilder.  Once it opens it immediately shows OFFLINE.  However, I can do my edits and save, then I leave the last page open and go about my business, usually something online.  At some point, and this may take five minutes or (more usually) about an hour or more, another error box will pop up which brings me back to the homestead sitebuilder page.  I then click ok or close and find it has gone ONLINE.  As fast as possible I proceed to publish each page I have changed.  Usually it's 3 or 4 pages, and almost every time I get them all published before it reverts to OFFLINE once again.  If it reverts before I'm done, I do the same thing again - leave the page open and go online elsewhere until I once again go online (which is always evidenced by another error box).   I don't know if this will work for anyone else, and it's a royal pain in the butt, but at least I've been able to update. 
I would REALLY like an official update from Homestead brass, however.  This really is ridiculous.
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Either it's now fixed or what you suggested DID work.  I simply left my desktop sitebuilder up while I did other things and eventually it said "online".  I was just able to publish the page I had made changes to!  
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If it's like mine, you'll find it comes and goes.  Normally I can publish the 3 or 4 pages I need to, but it usually goes offline again shortly after, and at least once it went offline before I had finished.  It's not great, but if you really need to get a few things published it's worth a shot.
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The only weird problem that I have experienced with SB Desktop is several of my text boxes failed to load.  I thought they got lost in the migration so I re-created all of the ones that were missing.  I published my pages, and I couldn't believe my eyes...there were two identical text boxes on the products!  I went back into the program end deleted all of my new text boxes.  I actually published the pages again with no text boxes visible above my products.  When I viewed my pages online, the text boxes were in fact present.  How very strange that was.  Oh, I will be so glad when this is over!
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You're so right Anita. I've gone with wix because I had to and not because I wanted to.

However, now that I'm discovering new ways to do things and exploring new, up to date tools I'm really having fun. Just takes a little patience and a willingness to learn new things.

Can you believe it's 3:45PM (cst) and we haven't even had an update on the status of this 22 day outage? Their actions truly speak for themselves and they'll be closed for the next 2 days as well. That's a really awesome way to do business ENDURANCE. Happy Holiday's to you also.

I just don't have the ENDURANCE to continue hanging on to ZERO CUSTOMER CARE & SERVICE.

Lord have mercy!
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My big issue now is--after all of this--there is a posting on homestead system status--that it is going to be down for another week--this was posted 2 hours ago--homestead didn't know until 2 hours ago that this outage would be extended??  Drew didn't come on to tell us at this post to those who have been sitting through this quietly for 3 weeks that it is being extended??  I don't get it.  It does not make sense that a company of this size seems to really just hide behind a forum.  I have a small company--but if I was out three weeks on something--I would work day and night to fix it for my customers.  To the people involved in the soap opera on this blog---I don't get why so much time is spent fighting--most of us are reading through this blog to simply get answers.  To Webmaster--who for some reason keeps changing his name as if this thread weren't confusing enough and Maureen-who for some reason has the answer to all of this that doesn't seem to work for anyone else--we get it--you don't like each other and you will keep fighting--though in all honestly when Lt. Fragg or webmaster or baseball clicks or whatever he calls himself these days- started calling " Maureen3005" "MIgraine3005"  I was honestly in stitches--thank goodness for a little lightness in this thread. 

One more thing to the experts on this blog that are not representative of homestead--I don't know for everyone else--but I believe a majority of companies using homestead-use it because they are not necessarily tech savvy and / or don't want to pay someone to do a site because it wouldn't be worth it.  This talk about servers, try this, cc cleaner, reinstall, what speed are you using, etc---we don't know--our companies are not for building sites--they are for something else. 

The real issue that I think we need to stay together on--is that homestead has not treated it's customers with respect--at the very least--Drew should have mentioned on this thread that it will be another week for conversion--there should be representatives answering the phone and those reps should know what is going on.  We are customers---even mcdonalds gives you a free fry if they mess up your order--and they say sorry--

So, homestead--it is not that you had to change servers, or convert, or rebuild, etc---I can honestly say I don't know what any of this is, or how long it takes, or even begin to guess how to do what you do--that is why I am a customer of yours.  But I do know that I should be communicated with appropriately--and where so many customers are actually losing money--there should be some sort of redemption or reimbursement offered these loyal customers--you should care.  I'm not even in any type of sales that the holiday would affect my business--but I am in shock that homestead did not think about the time of year to do all of this--I truly feel bad and get that all the people that have sites affected by the season would be upset and venting here. 

And if Drew says that "he won't talk publicly about account information--and you should call directly" --I will lose it--hey Drew--we have called directly==no body answers the phone. 

Happy holidays everyone--I really hope you were all able to find some sort of work around for all of this--but I am sure when it is over--we will all breathe a sigh of relief together-then after the season look for another company. 

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Amen!  Thank you, Joe8337.
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Totally agree.  My thanks to Joe8337 also.
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Endurance International Group, Inc. (EIG), formerly BizLand, laid off their research and development department just this last Monday, December 8th, 2014, in Burlington, Massachusetts. Claiming they needed to downsize my friend lost his job. They obviously don't need research people, just servers.  I was a little shocked to find out our data is being transferred over the internet to its new home and not copied to a server and transported to the final resting place.

I have not been able to login to homestead.com for over a week and the online chat (luckily they have a "Chat: Available" link up by the Login) keeps taunting me to keep trying and that it will be fixed soon.

I am patient, but my client is not. My client's customers are already voicing concern over the old information posted on the web and luckily I can just say - its our hosting company - homestead.

In 2015 I am looking forward to a faster loading SiteBuilder. On my fastest machine (an Intel i5 Lenovo laptop) it still takes over 3 minutes loading SiteBuilder before I can begin to open sites for editing. Other DuoCore machines still take over 10 minutes. My main site does have over 260 "index" pages and I also have over 100+ named homestead sites but I have only used a small 360mb of the 5gb.

Also, keep in mind for many years homestead.com charged a monthly fee for an extended amount of storage/web space. All of a sudden a couple years ago I saw I have 5gigabytes of storage! WOW! Thats some serious space for hosting movies and large graphics files. Homestead did not charge us for that and as far as I know, everyone got it.

I'm sure our web pages will load quicker in 2015 for our customers. And be more secure.

I am a concerned charter homestead.com member since September 2001.

Parting shot: Please allow the .PNG graphic file to be uploaded into Sitebuilder! Im tired of using HTML just to pose a .PNG graphic on my pages.
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It was my intention to consolidate and notify everyone of the new update, but I posted it when I received it, which was later than I had wished, and was unable to do so yet. I will be merging all the topics concerning this issue into the new update to try to lessen the confusion. I hope there can be less banter and more simple information. I could spend some time removing the irrelevant and unproductive posts, but as you note, there are quite a few.

It isn't that we aren't picking up the phone, it's the phones are overwhelmed. I understand why, but if you read my entire response I also say that you can post a private conversation here in the community and we will be happy to assist. When the process has been completed, phone volume should return to normal.


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