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Since blogging is one of those many ways you can reach out to your people and be where they are, you may want to become familiar with all the ways to manage your posts. If you're not familiar with a how to add a blog, click here.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of  "How to Manage your Blog Posts." If you do not have content to add to your blog yet or need help gettings started, we recommend reviewing the default articles that are present when you add a blog for the first time. 

Managing Your Blog:

After you have created a blog you can manage it by clicking the Blog button from your left-hand menu.

There are 3 sections presented

Section 1

Manage Posts

  • Clicking "Manage Posts" will give you a screen where you can customize the order of your content by:
-Pinning (pushpin icon ) a post to the top of your Main Page,
-Featuring the post (star icon)
-Unpublish them (megaphone icon). 

Pro Tip: If you don’t make any customizations each new blog post will automatically publish at the top of your Main Page.

If you select “Add New Post” from the Blog menu, or from the Manage Posts Section, a new Post Page will appear:

  • Here you can add your titles, changes dates, authors add tags and format the post text.
Pro Tip: Adding tags to each post will help your readers navigate to the content they love more quickly. If you click Advanced Options you will be able to create post summaries, which will let readers consume your content when they’re deciding which post they want to read, especially as you add more and more posts to your blog.

Section 2

Change design

Click on the Change design section and you are able to select from a variety of different options for how the main blog page and the post pages will present your content. Your first choice is to decide if you want to change the design on the whole blog(blog and post pages) or change the blog and post pages design separately.

Click on one of the options. I chose Entire blog. A scrolling selector appears on the left. You can click on the various different options. The main screen will show you what it will look like live. At the top right, you can select Apply to change the design, or cancel if you like. Back to original will reset it.

Section 3

Quick access

This section allows you to quickly take some action on the blog. You can add a new post as will as add/remove pins, publish/unpublish and add/remove a feature on a post. If you click on a post you will see you can also edit, duplicate or delete a post.

Check out the YouTube video tutorial on this topic!

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Homestead FAQ, Employee

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Posted 2 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled using the blog on website builder.

I don't understand how to use this blog.  Is there a tutorial how to on this.

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Elyzabeth , Official Rep

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Please scroll up to find information on how to add and edit blog posts.
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I still am having trouble following the instructions. I do what is asked but when i look at the blog on the website it has all the boxes with content in them such as 6 steps etc. I just want to build a simple blog page.
Photo of Elyzabeth

Elyzabeth , Official Rep

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I just looked at all 4 websites on your account, and you've only started building on two of them, and I don't see a blog created on either of them. Where are you going to try to do the blog?
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Elyzabeth, One of my website customers wants to do a blog. Is there a way she can add blog posts herself? Or do I have to be in my Homestead account to write and publish blog posts? How will she be able to reply to comments?
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Michelle C, Employee

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Hello Zachary, 

Blogs will need to be written, posted and published from within the Homestead account. The blog comments are managed using Facebook and she can reply from there.