Website Builder: Website Statistics Explained

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Website Overview

  1. Refresh: At the top of the page, there is a refresh button. The statistics are real time, so you can refresh to see the exact stats at any time.
    Date Range: You can choose the date range you want to view stats for.

  2. All - Mobile - Desktop: View stats specific to the mobile site, desktop site, or both.

  3. Unique Visitors: The number of people who visited your site for the first time.

  4. Total Visits: The total number of site visits, including repeat visits.

  5. Page Views: The full number of full pages loaded by the browser.

  6. Bounce Rate: Visitors who leave the site after only viewing one page and who don't click on anything.

  7. Avg. Visit Duration: The average time a visitor spends on a site.

  8. Graphs by Hour/Day/Week: You can click on any boxes (3-7) to see a visual representation of those stats.You can also choose the stats type from the drop down menu.
    You can view the statistics per hour, day, or week.

  9. Visitors Map (hover for more info): Gives a visual of where visitors are located. Hover over a location to see the number of unique visitors.

  10. Page Stats: Gives you the following statistics per page:

    Page Views
    Bounce Rate
    Avg. Duration

  11. Traffic Sources: How visitors were directed to your site.

  12. Regional Statistics: Provides information on where visitors are location by state and city, the percentage of visits from a specific location, and the number of visitors.

  13. -16.
    Pie Charts
    : Graphs displaying statistics
    New vs Returning:
    First time visits vs return visits
    Languages: What language site visitors speak
    Devices: What device was used to visit? (Desktop, mobile, tablet)
    Browsers: What browser the site was accessed through. (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Edge, Other, and mobile browsers)

Store Statistics

  1. Unique Visitors:The number of people who visited your store for the first time.

  2. Revenue: Total store revenue within the selected date range

  3. Orders: Total Orders placed by visitors.

  4. Conversion Rate: Percentage of store visitors who placed an order.

  5. Avg. Order Value: The average total of every order placed.

  6. Revenue per visitor: Total Revenue divided by the number of visitors to your store.

  7. Products: Statistics for each product that is viewed.

  8. Top Customers: If relevant, the customers who order the most.

  9. Revenue by referral: Amount of revenue from different traffic sources.
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Homestead FAQ, Employee

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Posted 9 months ago

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Where can I find search terms used to find website.  Like in the old system.
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Michelle C, Employee

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Unfortunately WebsiteBuilder does not have the search terms implemented in the stats recording. You can set up google analytics for your website to track those search terms. 
Michelle, how do I find my site stats? I don't have that option beside my "Edit Site" button.
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Michelle C, Employee

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For Websitebuilder site stats, click edit site to enter the builder. The stats option will appear on the left hand side.