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I pay you to make my website secure, and now you tell me I have to do all these things I don't know how to do to make it secure. That is a problem you should take care of. NOT ME!!!!!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hello Jeff4432

We looked into Homestead being able to make Sitebuilder sites HTTPS capable on our end, and it unfortunately wasn't possible. The software is too old and is not compatible. Our newer builder Website Builder is compatible, so we will be providing free, automatic SSLs for those sites. Since not everyone will want to rebuild their site, we offered another option if you want a secure site, which is Cloudflare. So if you want an SSL, you can either set up an account and use Cloudflare, or rebuild your site in the newer builder, whichever is better for you. If you have any questions about either choice, I would be happy to answer those for you.
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It's true. We pay you for this, not for us having to take time out of our already busy days to do it ourselves. We have no experience in doing so, and that's why we pay you. Don't know what's going on, as I was okay with all this nonsense until recently, but Homestead definitenitely isn't what it once was. Very Sad!!!  I think you'll be losing a lot of business if things don't change soon. We all need our business up and running. This is in no way helping anyone, only hurting us.  Do hope you give this some consideration in how you are treating your customers.
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I'm sorry but I have to add my 2 cents. I don't use Homestead to secure my websites, build my websites, re-design my websites or update my websites.

I use Homestead to host my websites and address any problems I might have. I do this knowing full well that I'm expected to do some work on my end. And by doing the work I mean following the precise and basically simple step by step instructions they provide.

I've used the old desktop SiteBuilder for well over 10 years to create my sites and never had a problem that couldn't be solved quickly. That includes turning http into https by using Cloudflare.

The only reason I haven't switched over to the newer builders, besides being a lazy old fart, is because if it's not broken, why fix it. This Homestead community even helped me to turn my sites into mobile friendly sites without having to use a third party. They provided easy to follow step by step directions to do so. And the sites pass all the search engine mobile friendly tests and provide traffic.

If you don't want to do the work or don't want to upgrade to a newer builder there's plenty of people you can hire to do it for you. As for me? I'll stick with Homestead. You people have been great!
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It's not that we don't want to "do the work," it's that SOME of us were only able to "build" a website because of Homestead's templates...we don't KNOW how to do anything "technical," like doing the steps to get our sites to be ssl/'s greek to me, and possibly to other website holders, and I don't know what to do, and fearful of doing something that will make my site non viable!  I just wish some of you who "know everything" about this kind of thing would help us who don't, instead of finding fault with us, and implying that we "don't want to do the work!"  So, what the heck do I do now?  And do I have to even HAVE SSL status, when my pay buttons are all from PayPal, and THEY'RE (PayPal) SSL compliant!?  I've had a note at the top of my website pages that states that, and I may just leave it at that, because I'm so disgusted for not knowing how to do this, and no one will give clear instructions as to HOW I should do it on my site...!
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Hello pitzigil

I definitely understand not being technical and not knowing what to do. This is why we provided you with step by step, detailed instructions with pictures to help guide you through this process. If you read and follow the instructions as we gave them, you will be able to get your site secure. Many people, most of them who claim to not be very technical people, have been able to secure their site this way. If you don't have these instructions handy, here they are:
In regard to your questions about whether it is necessary, it technically isn't. Your site will still work without it, but it is recommended because there will be a message in the address bar that says your site is not secure, which leaves people uneasy and unsure whether they should be on your site at all.

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