Two weeks of email problems - completely unacceptable!

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I am cutting and pasting another users email because it sums up everything I want to say about the problem: I am aware of the Intuit postings regarding service problems. Mine have NOT been resolved at all. Nothing is working on my email - for TWO WEEKS. I cannot send email. Some email is sent but bounces because of spam filters. I cannot save drafts. The delete, spam and other buttons do not work. I get server error messages on everything. Every single function takes a minimum of 30 seconds to initiate, if it initiates at all. One attempt to send an email this morning resulted in 3 minutes of the timer spinning in the window and that window locking up. Not one feature is working. This is my business email. I am losing clients and their business because they do not receive my responses to their email. The last Intuit status update was the 25th. Today is the 30th and nothing has changed for my account since the problems started 2 weeks ago. My email box is flooded with junk mail. I have had more problems with email since Intuit took over than all my cumulative years on the Internet with all the other providers combined. WHY CAN"T YOU GET THIS FIXED AND WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS ABOUT IT!
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Posted 6 years ago

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I also have had the problem for 2 weeks and will be going to a new provider!
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I too, am looking at a new provider. my inbox has been empty for two weeks in zimbra! And no one seems to care at all.

And I am getting slammed with junk mail being forwarded to my back up email address.

This is just unbelievable to still be going on for such a long time.

Customer service here is unbelievably poor.
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Ditto to all the above here. I have been a Homestead customer for over 10 years. Guess they don't appreciate my patronage as this is totally unacceptable. Guess its time to find another provider.
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This is truly unbelievable. I thought Homestead/Intuit was a company that could provide basic service on at least a very low level. Now I'm picturing one guy in a basement with a 1987 286-8 trying to run a web hosting/ email service.

Tried to chat with someone this morning. Waste of time.
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Danica Patrick and James Hinchcliffe are waiting for our call at brand X and I bet they have all the right answers and maybe even a better price point. I'm not sure just getting email back up and running will be enough to regain my confidence in this provider.
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I too have had constant issues and was unaware of anyone else having issues until now. This is the first time in three years I have had problems like this...any other time I have had issues, I would hop on line and email them, now I can't find ANY phone number or email to talk to a real person. This is my busiest time of year and I am highly disappointed. If someone finds a better service that won't be a hastle to change over, please post...I know I can not waste anymore time between the email service not working, the spam and the now year (which was never a big issue until now) that things like the facebook link to tell people you have updated your website not working at all. I am very fed up.
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I thought the new servers were going to fix the problem. What is the problem and why can't they fix it.

Go Daddy may be in my future soon
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I too am beyond frustrated. I've used homestead for over 8 years and I think I'm done. My faith has eroded in their service. It's a shame.
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I can log into my email but when I try to open an email that has been received I get the spinning arrow for about 30 seconds then an error message. I tried setting up my email account to forward to my gmail account which worked for a few days but now my gmail is not receiving anything. I don't understand what is going on but this problem has been going on for weeks now. Customers are getting PISSED! Do something to fix the problem!!!
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I have been having these problems for almost 2 months. Can't sign in, then I get signed in and everything takes 5-10 minutes. Even a simple calendar update. Sending one email can take 5 minutes, if it even goes through. Not wasting anymore time and money on a service that doesn't work. Disgruntled and leaving...Josh
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The hosting of my website seems fine, but like many who have posted here, I share the same problems with emails. I run a small business from my home and can't get any work done via email. Their inability to solve the problems is inexcusable and it appears they are days away from resolving the issues involved. Does anyone know of another email provider suited for small businesses? Would this require my changing my business email address? Can I link my email address to my Homestead/Intuit-hosted website, if I have to change providers?
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I kept my website at homestead but transferred my email to another provider (you always have the option of switching back later). I still have the same email addresses as always (they're just hosted behind the scene from a different company now). I can still access all my old emails with homestead too.

Some email providers are zoho, domain, go daddy, bluehost...there are lots.
It was a little complicated switching my mx records but with tech support help by both providers it worked fine.

I purchased a 3 yr plan with bluehost and paid in advance and it comes to $8.28/month. I can cancel at anytime and be refunded. It includes unlimited email addresses and unlimited email storage. Even if I decide to return to homestead when they resolve their issues, I think I'll keep this as a back up plan in case they ever go down again. Now that I know how to point mx records, it will be simple to switch back again.

Make the switch it's not worth the lost business. You can always switch back again once things are resolved with homestead.
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Thanks MaryEllen 9150. I'm not the most tech-savvy person so your reply was very helpful and gave me the confidence to proceed with switching for the very reasons you gave.
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Official Response
I am very sorry that we have not had access to more detailed updates, and that I am unable to respond to everyone individually. We are trying to post any available updates here:
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Well this morning, things seemed to be working OK. Even my IMAP account was working better than usual. then about 10 this morning the problems started all over again. VERY SLOW!!

Zoho here I come.
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In the spring the e-mail stopped working and despite claims it was "fixed" it did not work. I wasted so much time, calling for help, tracking down the cause... I finally gave up and used a substitute system. MONTHS later I checked- late summer- and to my surprise the e-mail worked so I guess they finally figured out the problem. Now it is not working again even though AGAIN they claim it is pretty much fixed. It is pointless to complain. Just wait about 3-6 months and hopefully they will have figured it out and things may be working at that time. So, in less than 6 months they have had two MAJOR e-mail failures that they could not fix on timely basis. Repairs that necessitate weeks and months is a clear indicator that tech has no idea how to make e-mail work.
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Hi Deborah4858, I agree that that this type of service interruption is unacceptable. Our email admins are working on getting the system up as quickly as possible. Our management is taking this very seriously and for anyone that sticks around, you will see some major improvements to not just the email system, but several other things in the coming months. There are many very complicated tasks and legal issues being dealt with as a result of the sale of Homestead from Intuit to EIG, but I am very confident that in the months ahead people will be satisfied with many of the changes we are making.

Just this week we launch a brand new ecommerce platform that is far superior to our old system as this is something many of our customers have been asking for for several years. Now that we are out from under the umbrella of Intuit you will likely see several more major improvements in the months ahead.

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We too will be in the market for a new provider as this lack of response/information is totally unacceptable. Makes you think twice about cloud computing, that is for sure.

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