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Here are some instructions to create and add a sitemap to your website.

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll to the bottom and enter your domain name at the Starting URL section.

  3. Click the Start Button (don't worry about the information between your domain and the start button).

  4. After the website refreshes, you'll get a message that your sitemap is ready. Click the 1st link under the Download Sitemap section.

  5. Save the xml file to your desktop.

  6. Go back to or sign in to your website account.

  7. Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu. Then, click Edit Site.

  8. Click your domain name or sitename at the top and select View File Manager from the drop-down menu.

  9. At the top, click Import and upload the sitemap.xml file that you saved to your computer.

  10. In the file manager, find the sitemap.xml file. Right click on the file, then select Publish.

To help get your website indexed faster, we recommend that you setup Google Webmaster Tools. This is a free software that Google offer and gives great insight into your website's visibility online. You can also upload your sitemap into their tool to keep track on how many of your pages have been indexed.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi I have been having real problems trying to get the sitemap correct. Google keeps saying there is a problem. Either it's not in my footer or files and They keep getting a 404 response Page not found? I have been working on this site for a couple of months now and could really use someones help. I put the Sitemap in my files I have seen it as well as published it but still not working. It's New Years Eve and I really want to start the year off right. Please help.
Thanks Danielle. My website:

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Placing sitemap in footer and files.
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Same problem for me as well
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You're sitemap file shows as unpublished. Go to the file manager and publish it.
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Great document and instructions. Was able to create the file and upload to Google without issue...unfortunately 'sensitive' Bing is still showing 'Pending'.
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Hi Sally,

Thanks for the feedback, glad this post was helpful to you.

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i have a xml sitemap that i need to upload to the domain root folder of my site. how do i do that

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how to upload a xml sitemap.
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Ehsan Zaheer

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Hi frogues4195,

Welcome to the community!

Since you already created a site map, you can follow the instructions above to import the file to your root folder.

The root folder is the top level folder (generally your site name).

Hope this helps, thanks!

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Stite map, does anyone know how to generate a site map, i have noticed that people are searching in categories that i havent had for a long time. I want to be sure that the old site map has been deleted and a new one has indeed been generated. It seems like the old site map keeps being submitted to google with some new additions. I want to delete the old and be sure that the new one is correct.

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Generating a new updated site map.
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Ehsan Zaheer

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Hi Russell5785,

Welcome to the community!

Deleting the old site map and adding a new one should resolve the issue. Search results do take a bit of time to update and don't change instantaneously.

Hope this helps, thanks.

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Hi Ehsan, I have generated a sitemap using the instructions above and downloaded them into my files but keep getting 404 error on google webmaster about protocol. My web site is I have been trying to copy and paste the code into the submit test sitemap on google webmasters tool and keep getting the same error, Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong
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Now that intuit forced me to update to sitebuilder plus, Im getting emails from bing saying I need to update my sitemap. How do I do that with the new sitebuilder plus?

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Add a sitemap with sitebuilder plus.
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Hi Nicholas -

The steps above should help! If not, please let us know!

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Completed these steps over and over. Google webmaster tools says "General HTTP error: 404 not found HTTP Error: 404" xml site maps says "Page Not Found
We apologize for the inconvenience. The page you have requested does not exist or has been moved. Please check to make sure that the URL you entered is accurate." Called support and no help. Everyday I regret using Intuit/Homestead for this site. -KH
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where do I insert my site's robots.txt file to get the sitemap indexation report? and where do I insert the sitemap file as I have already gernerated it.

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What is a reboots text file? and how do I insert a site map in it?.
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Hi beach9745,

Welcome to the community!

Our sites have a robot.txt file in place, they do not prevent search engines from viewing your site - You cannot add or edit a Robot.txt file.

You can use the instructions above for help with adding a sitemap to your website.

The robot.txt file essentially tells search engines bots what yo view or not view on your site, here's more detailed information on them: Robots.txt.

Hope this info helps, thanks!

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Christine Richards

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link doesn't work
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I have some generated sitemaps and I'd like to load them in to my domains public html directory. How can I do this? Thanks in advance! ;-)

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how do i upload a sitemap?.
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Hello Mike2817,

I thought you would find the directions on uploading a sitemap in this thread to be helpful.

Looking at your site, it looks like you added an HTML element to the page instead of creating an HTML file. What you will want to do is make sure that you take your HTML code and create a file (usually you are just pasting the code into notepad and saving it as the correct file type, but this can vary depending on what program you used to generate the HTML). Just keep in mind that you will end up with .xml file that you will want to upload and publish in the file manager.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

Mindy G
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I had the same problem: Sitemap not working !!
The answer is not here so I'll tell you :
After you follow the instructions above, you must right click the sitemap file, and then hit "PUBLISH". This is very important !
Normally it should be working !
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Ivan & Lucy7850

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OK, looks easy enough however, I have over 1000 pages. The solution you offer only gives me up to 500 pages. I bought the paid version that supports unlimited pages but, homestead doesn't offer a FTP folder to put it in. How do I get this to work?

Please help!

Ivan Ontiveros
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Mike F., Alum

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I don't know of any automated tools that will do more than this. You may have to create the xml file manually, unless you can find another 3rd party tool.

You can use the file manager screen in SiteBuilder to import large quantities of files. You can simple create the folders you need, then drag and drop the files you wish.

If this post helps, please give a "Star" and complete this survey to rate me.


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does Homestead to provide a site map?.
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How do I build a site map.

Bing requests a site map ? how does one do this??
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How often should you submit a site map to google.

I just added a new page to my site.  Do I need to resubmit a new site map to google?
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Mike F., Alum

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Hi David2953... For SiteBuilder, this thread is a good reference for creating the actual sitemap as well as uploading it to the File Manager. If you already have your sitemap created, just jump to step # 11. 

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Hello Mike F.  I have created many sitemaps using XML Sitemap Generator.  I recently tried to update one and the generator and other generators can only find one page now.  Could you tell me if there is something wrong on your end.  As I can no longer create a new Site map for the website:
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Drew N, Alum

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Hi Nicholas6170,

You might get a better answer from the site generating the sitemap, but I did notice that you placed the Google site verification on each page.  Typically that is not necessary.  I can't see how that would affect this, but you could try removing it.  Which page is the sitemap seeing?  Are there errors?


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We received an email from Google saying there was a problem with Googlebot trying to crawl our website.  It referenced an issue with but we have no connections to that company.  I spoke with your tech support who said the problem was due to bad links in my homemade site map an directed to these instructions. 

I followed these instructions to create a new Site Map for but it didn't work for me.  I downloaded the xml file created at to my computer and then imported that file into the Homestead file manager.  It was listed as a 'file' rather than a webpage. (I then clicked 'view' on the separate html file that was created and got a plain looking list of all of our pages).  When I opened the xml file, I also got a list but it included what I believe is html code.)  Per these instructions, I published that site map. Is your goal that we create a site map that is used only by search engines and is not linked on our site? If so, how would I create a linked site map that uses a template similar to the rest of our site?

Another issue is after I edit a page and save it and then publish it I get a question asking if I want to see the page after it's published.  After that I get a window that asks if I want to post the new page on a variety of social media web sites.  It also shows a link to our website but without the www and does not work.  I thought our site could be accessed by typing either with www or without www URL but now only the www version works.  What went wrong?

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I don't know how I missed that message. I replied to it and you should get an email that links you to it.
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Thank you for the information, I followed your tutorial step by step and it worked flawlessly, I am generating approximately 3x as much traffic to my website as I did before uploading and registering the sitemap with google webmaster tools. Your instructions were very clear. Another thumbs up for the Homestead support team! 
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  • 80 Points 75 badge 2x thumb, and my primary domain however since i changed templates,  my site was redirected and I had to make a temporary page, landmarkroofsok that looks to me like the root file???? I don't know but I followed your directions for setting up you sitemap with google and I get the 404 code....what is my url for my site map now. because    does not work General HTTP error: 404 not found We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided and then resubmit
HTTP Error: 404     
can you fix this for me please
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William S

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This is because I do not see a sitemap.xml in your file manager. I do see a sitemap.html, sitemap__1_.xml, and sitemap__2_.xml in the file manager. You would need to rename one of those sitemaps or create one named sitemap.xml.
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Hello, Im new to Homestead. I used your instructions for a sitemap to my website and when I preveiw the file i get this message "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it." how to i fix it.