Sitebuilder Plus Issues 10/13/2015

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UPDATE 10/14/2015: At this time we are still aware and working to have most of the Sitebuilder Plus issues resolved. When loading into Sitebuilder, it is important to know you will be prompted to choose Local or Published copy. Choosing local copy will load any recent changes you have made with the site, and choosing Published copy will load what is currently published. 

Unfortunately, you will be prompted to load every file with the website with either these options. Once you are in the Sitebuilder, you should be able to start making edits and are able to publish changes. However, we are still investigating the issue with Sitebuilder Plus loading broken images. Despite the images not loading in Sitebuilder Plus, published changes will display the picture as intended. If you do encounter a server error, please wait a few minutes and try again.

Our developers are still working diligently to have these issues resolved, and again, do appreciate your patience.

We are currently in the process of implementing an update with Homestead. During this period, you may experience issues with Sitebuilder. As we are aware of these issues, we do ask and thank you for your patience during this time.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Todd, you probably want to put this on your System Status Blog. I was having problems with saving and publishing my site (very slow) and looked at the Help|System Status link. It only had entries from July.
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Now my pictures are gone off of my site, and it's not displaying anything but an "x" box when I try to upload new content. Can we sue for lost revenue?

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Second day for me too. I was chatting with a support agent. She sent me here. I then asked why I was sent here. Was there a fix. because all I saw as others having difficulties. She then tells me there is currently no fix. I found it odd that she'd send me here....rather then stating upfront that there is currently no fix. your efforts!! I will tell you, there is currently NO fix.
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I too have spent hrs and paid employees to work on this and to find that there was a update that could cause this mess leaves me very likely to do something else with my site.....I am furious and very unhappy........
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I had just had an extensive chat session about deleting something, was never told about this problem. When I went back to Help, "Chat" is now offline. No notice, now discussion or warning. When I first decided to use Homestead for this current website it was at the time of their last "upgrade" with plenty of irate customers left to their own devices and no help from the company at all, except the volunteers on this site. This really is no way to treat customers. How the heck can people do business??????

A customer service tip: LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW AHEAD OF TIME. THIS COSTS REVENUE AND OUR CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS. How can you do this to people so unconsciously?

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Did what you said, clicked on everything and chose the published copy - cannot update my site because many of the pictures are missing.  What do I do?  I have an update that must get done today!  I followed the steps and spent time clicking on all the pictures and selecting the published copy - but that apparently did not work!  Thank you.
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why can't homestead have the courtesy to give their "valued" customers some advance warning when they pull these stunts.  Let us know so we can prepare and update our sites beforehand.  This is not the first time homestead has pulled this crap.  very frustrating!!!!!!
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Typical Homestead. Don't think things over before you dump your new toys out without any testing first and screw over your paying customers. Thanks Homestead <sarc>

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