Sitebuilder Plus: Choose a New Design

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Here are instructions to pick a new template and start over with the design of your website.

  1. Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu.

  2. Under Edit Site, click Choose a different design

  3. Warning: When you choose a new design, your current site pages and files, including customized text and images, will be deleted.

  4. Once you have clicked that link you can browse the gallery for a new template and start over with your design.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Will I lose my files such as pics from my current site?
Hi David,

Unfortunately you would lose all your files and pics from your current site. Chooseing a different design wipes out everything and has you start completely over.


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Hi David. UNFORTUNATELY your screwed.
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Can't you just create a new version?
Hi Priscilla,

You are correct that you could start a whole new website and then copy over your files and images from your existing site. Will take some time, but it could save you in the long run from wiping everything out.


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Hi Chris. How do you create a new website, without changing the existing site. Until I'm completely satisfied with the new website? Thanks LaTanya
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The best thing to do is to actually start a new/separate site so that you don't accidentally publish over your old site before you are ready. Follow the steps here:

Then, after the new site is ready to go, you can just go to the Domain's page and associate the domain name to the new website.

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Why is it so difficult to change something. Web stores should be more easier to change than anything. Everytime a change needs to be made you have to start over or sit on the phone to fix it by digging through blindly through HTML. Will this every change?
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Tim Orrino

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This does seem very unhelpful. I would like to redesign my site, too. Chris could at least told us where to find HOW to do what he suggested, not just telling us it can be done!
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Welcome to my world Tim. I've given up over here. It was a big mistake coming to Homestead. Intuit doesn't even own them anymore as per Supervisor, Matt. I don't expect this company to be in business much longer. They don't guarantee or refund their work because if they did they would be out of business. You should have seen the first design. I a design idiot could have out together something better. I could back out because they would only give me back half of or around 600. As an laid of self starter I was screwed so I had to continue. The only thing they are good at is referencing the communications between me and them during desing process. They should work for the CIA they are so good at investigating the past to make a case to save themselves and they speak to me in an unfavorable tone. I know they don't like me by now anymore but I will continue to try until I get what I paid for. If you can back out, back out. Their competitors destroy them. Everything on the storefront is hard coded "in prison" so it can't be changed easily. Good luck.
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They outsource their work. That's a shame with so many Americans unemployed. If I knew that I definitely would not have signed on. They read from cards and bring you around in circles. You have to tell them to stop, put the cards down and listen.
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Thanx. Good answer. Saved me alot of time.
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I'm using SiteBuilder Plus. From the above it appears you cannot simply change the template to refresh your site design, but it's not clear if all of the photo's and text boxes that exist in the File Manager are also deleted.

If I want a new design, are the files that currently exist in File Manager deleted or do they stay there?

For example, in constructing my site I uploaded 30 photo's of my products. If I want to use one of these photo's on a different page, I just insert it from the File Manager. I do not need to upload it again. Even if I delete a photo from my site, a copy stays in the File Manager so I can insert it on a page in the future without having to upload it from my computer to my File Manager. If I decide to chose a different design can I use the previous files or must they all be uploaded again?
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Is there any way to create my own design without a template?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
How get a blank template when starting a new website?.

I would like to start with a empty template but I can't find that as an option.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
I am having a great deal of trouble building my site. How can I just start over with the build?.

I have been working on trying to build my site, off and on, for about a month. I am having quite a bit of difficulty as I am NOT tech saavy or inclined. Starting over would probably be best for me. How do I do that?
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This will start you completely from the beginning. You will need to put text and images back on the site.


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