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We have some good news to share with our Sitebuilder Desktop customers! We found that the latest version was not compatible with the most recent updates, as a result we've made available a version that currently functions.

Even though the connection has been reestablished, we do highly recommended making a transition into Website Builder. The Desktop Software has not been updated for several years which means at any time this could possibly become an issue again. Any updates going forward will be focused on improving the new Website Builder experience for our customers.

Below are the instructions to obtain and install the working version assuming you are on Windows 7 or later:

  1. Install/repair Microsoft J# 2.0

  2. Using Windows control panel, uninstall Homestead Sitebuilder

  3. Use Windows explorer to locate the folder c:\program files(x86) and delete the folder Homestead.

  4. Locate the hidden folder c:\programdata. Inside the program data folder, rename the Homestead folder to Homesteadbackup.

  5. Log into your Homestead account

  6. Go to the Websites manager page

  7. Click the Download Sitebuilder link under the edit site button.

  8. Scroll to step 3 under the Troubleshooting section and click the indicated link

  9. Save the program to your hard drive

  10. Open your downloads folder and extract the files from the zip folder.

  11. Run the program SiteBuilderSetup.exe

  12. Log into desktop and select a site. Since you renamed the folder that contains the site files, desktop will download the published site. Then you can test publishing. I have not yet tried to rename the backup folder so this step is not necessary, so I advise you let Sitebuilder create the folder and download your sites.

  13. Try to publish a change and let us know if it worked.

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Homestead FAQ, Employee

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Posted 7 months ago

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I saw this post from 4 days ago, is this a New Fix  for us Desktop users or the same from years ago? I used Cloudflare to get secure and it is working, I got stats for 3 days showing about 40 visitors daily and now it shows only my own and someone in Canada. if it wasn't working I would imagine I would see no one? any thoughts on that. I have not tried this fix posted I wanted to ask you first if it were a new one? thank you for your help, it's greatly appreciated 
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Michelle C, Employee

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Hello Donna, 

This is in fact the same fix from awhile back. I see you are using Sitebuilder plus and cloudflare I would recommend continuing using everything as is. 
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I'm not quite sure how you can see I'm on Sitebuilder Plus?  not yet, I am using Desktop. when I used Cloudflare to secure my site your stats in Homestead worked for 3 days and now only I see Canada and myself as visitors when there are many other visitors.  I have tried Google Analytic for tracking and though it is immensely detailed I find it is not an easy to understand system, it's so detailed that for some of us that need simple tracking like how many visitors and what they are looking at, I'd need to take a comprehensive course. Your real tracker system for stats was easy and just about the amount of stats anyone could understand and follow. would the post of 4 days ago telling about a new fix, would that take care of the problem without me uploading more than 50 pages of my small collector website to SB+. Please, can you see if someone in tech dept can try to get the tracking working for the desktop users. that would be greatly appreciated by many.
thanks Donna
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled HELP - Sitebuilder has quit working. It will not Start in Windows 10. - HELP.
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I had this problem also. It was a Windows problem. I had a corrupted DLL file. While pulling my hair out and over a month of trying to figure it out, visiting numerous websites. I saw a posting about a corrupt DLL file. I bought a program ReImage, that repairs Windows (10). ran it and bingo! success. I've been back editing my website for over a month now without a hitch.
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Michelle C, Employee

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Awesome, glad you were able to get this worked out. 
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I followed the suggested steps and it WORKS GREAT... THANKS A LOT...
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Michelle C, Employee

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Perfect! Glad to hear this worked out.