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The owner of this site asked the community for some reviews. Let's help them out. Please tell them what you think. The goal here is to help them make their site better and maybe get some ideas to make your site better. If you have a similar business, maybe you can exchange more than just website ideas.

I'll start. The first thing I noticed was that the page titles and descriptions should be improved. It inspired me to write a quick article that you can find by clicking here.
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Drew N, Alum

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Posted 2 years ago

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Finally Homestead has more modern website design tools. How can I modify my current website to utilize the more modern look?
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This looks great!  I had created my own dropdown menus using HTTP but they've since stopped working correctly. 
The drop downs on the this web site, are they easy to add ?  Thanks

John Yegerlehener / Owner - Spectra Jet ( created with Hometstead!
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Yes.  How do I download the "new" sitebuilder.  And how can I update my site without taking it down.
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Drew N, Alum

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Unfortunately, there is such a difference you have to create a new site, but you can leave the old one up while building the new one. This topic is for discussing the specific site highlighted. Please ask other questions in an appropriate topic, or create your own topic.
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Your website is excellent! Bravo!
Thank you very much!!
Thank you for the spotlight!  Please let us know what you think of the site and how we could improve it - open to suggestions! 
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Congratulations on a well constructed and informative site. One suggestion is to spell-check the content. I noticed on your Design & Execute page, below Landscape Construction, the last line in the bullet list. There is only one "o" in Hydro seeding, also it might be two words. 
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Your site is great, but the title "Design Execute & Maintain" first It should be lowered and second, people in search of your services like nice things, I would try for a "prettier font" just to give it a touch of glamour.  Love it though.    
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I see that you have a form on the site that collects data such as name and email, rumor has it that as of July 2018 Google chrome browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’ especially if your site collects data ... source:

you can learn how to set up HTTPS on this thread: