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Can you provide a description of your business? Logos Land Resort is a 4 season resort located 1hour west of the city of Ottawa. During the summer months, Logos Land offers a Zip Lines, a Golf Course, a Water park (with Water slides, mini golf, paddle boats, water trampolines, private beach, and various rental watercraft), a campground, RV Park, cabins, rental trailers, motel’s & luxury villas.
How did you get started in this business?

Logos Land was formed in approximately 1987 to be a destination for families to come for a vacation.

How do you market your business?

Primary marketing is done via television advertising. We have found print and radio to be very ineffective. We are hopeful to begin using more online channels to further promote our business.  All of our marketing points people to our website. Our Website is a huge part of the business as it’s a great way for people to visually see what we offer. During the winter months we typically have 200 – 300 unique visitors to our web site each day & in the summer that number increases to anywhere from 700 to 1000 unique visitors to our website each day.

How has technology, such as computers and the internet, impacted on how you conduct business?

Our business has become very dependent on technology, so it’s very important that we keep our computers and peripheral devices up to date. We are finding more and more people want to conduct business online, so we just implemented a new reservations system on Feb 1/18 to allow people to make reservations online.

How important is social media to your business?

Right now we are not heavy users of Social Media. In the future, we would like to become more engaged in the social media arena.
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Short and straight forward info. Says what you do,who you are and where you are located,Gave a breakdown of visitors to your site at certain times of the year.
Very helpful information.
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Drew N, Alum

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Is there anything you would change? We can be of great help to each other if we can give some constructive criticism. Granted, the site is very well done, but nothing is perfect.
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Drew N, Alum

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I always start with page titles and descriptions. While these are not the default in all cases, they could be more effective. I may be back with some more suggestions, but that may help.
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Excellent site! You mentioned print, radio and TV. I have found Pay Per Click advertising to be exponentially better. I have literally spent $3-4 million over the years and it’s got the best ROI ever. There’s a learning curve but I think it’s crucial in this digital world.
Good luck!
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Nice site. However, I think that every page giving a description of the RV Park, Accommodations, etc., should start off with a picture on the top rather than information and pricing. We are a very visual society and it is best to always provide a good picture before pricing and information. I would also say that if I were looking for a place to vacation, I would need to see more pictures than what is shown on your site before I made a decision. Besides putting pictures on the top of all the pages (as opposed to underneath the information, rules, and pricing), I would also make a separate page with just photos of people enjoying the park as well as just more of the park, in general. Maybe call the page "Photo Gallery". People need to be able to envision themselves there before deciding. At this point there are not enough pictures to be able to do proper envisioning.
Pictures, pictures, pictures! :-) 
May your business continue to prosper and provide families wonderful memories!