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1.    Can you provide a description of your business?

CSTH provides quality affordable furnished housing, with flexible lease terms to business people, military personnel, area re-locators and other visitors to areas throughout Central Pennsylvania

2.    How did you get started in this business?

Contemporary Short Term Housing was founded in 2007 by David Dunn. As a seasoned business traveler in the hotel technology industry, David was fully aware of the rigors of living out of a suitcase. As a real estate investor, he was looking for a way to leverage his knowledge of the hotel business with his real estate holdings. After surveying the options for corporate housing in Harrisburg, PA he quickly realized Contemporary Short Term Housing could offer a superior housing option along with a professional team that is focused solely on corporate housing clients.

Since then Contemporary Short Term Housing has continued to successfully offer attractively decorated short-term housing in Harrisburg, PA to guests that prioritize comfort and convenience. The calming atmosphere in our spacious condominiums will make your visit to Central Pennsylvania as comfortable and relaxing as being at home. We provide three or four times the square footage of a hotel at a significantly lower rate and offer, more, privacy, convenience, and flexibility to suit their needs. As a locally based, owned, and operated business, we are dedicated to helping our guest’s transition to their new homes as efficiently as possible.

3.    How do you market your business?

Our website is our primary method of marketing the business. Additionally, over the years we have developed relationships with a network of nationwide corporate housing and relocation partners. Locally, we network with other property owners, realtors, and area apartment complexes.  We also advertise on other corporate housing websites.

4.    How has technology, such as computers and the internet, impacted on how you conduct business?

Without technology, we could not operate our business or at the very least it would be much more difficult.  The internet and our website create interest and sales leads from around the world, we then generate a customized response to each potential guest and use web-based forms to collect guest information, deposits and obtain signatures on leases.  We also use technology to automate guest services and billing.

5.    How important is social media to your business?

Social media plays a big role when it comes to reviews.  In the past, we have posted guest comments on our website but more recently we’ve used asked guests to post comments on Facebook and Google business reviews.  We also actively post content we think our clients are interested in on Twitter and feeds the post to our Facebook page.
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Homestead FAQ, Employee

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Posted 2 years ago

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Nice site!  How did they get the top banner to go completely from one side to the other?  When I try this, it's either a bit too big or too small, and it looks different on different sized screens too.  Thanks guys.  James
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Elyzabeth , Official Rep

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Hey James!
Looks like they added a picture to the background of their header. If you click on the background, a menu will pop up on the right side of the builder. Click style and add an image under "Background"
You'll want to make work with the dimensions of the picture you use, otherwise it is going to be blurry or cut off. There is no right answer as to what dimensions it should be but definitely work with it until it looks right to you. Let me know if that helped!
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Yes it does.
Thank you,
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Hi James...I am sorry I didn't see your question sooner.  As you probably know the section below the header of a template appears on all pages.  As a workaround, I discovered you can add the photo to the section below the section with the stationary image and then move the image up into the upper section.  Once the photo is added and sized you can then scoot the picture upward and then position it where you want it.  So, in essence, the pictures I have on the pages other than the home page lay on top of the master image that came with the template.  I then added a transition so the overlayed photo blends over top of the template photo.

I did the same thing with the banners that fly across the header.  Add them to the section below the stationary section and then move them up.  It can be a little tricky and frustrating but it does work.
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what do you use for your quote request / form page? 
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Elyzabeth , Official Rep

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Hi Matt6614
That form was created using formsite, it looks like.
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Correct Formsite
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Love it! Which template are you using?
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Thanks...I honestly can't recall the template name and now I am not sure how you can go back and look at the templates that are available without creating a new account or starting a new site.
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Drew N, Alum

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Hi David, Sorry it has taken me a while to weigh in but I have a couple of thoughts I think would help. Overall, I like what you have done. The amount of information you provide is fantastic. Search engines love detailed content.

  1. I like your use of fonts, in most cases. I would look at changing a little though. On the view-homes page, you have each property listed and linked. I like the script font, but only for the title. I would switch the brief description of the property to an easier to read font. This is particularly true if you are not able to enlarge the font size due to space. I can see it on my desktop with 24 inch monitors, but on my 17 inch laptop, the script is a little difficult to read in the small size. You can take a look at a recent topic about adding text.

  2. A similar issue on the furnished locations page. In your list, I would switch the script font to the title and use the block font in the description to make it more readable.

  3. This also is on the About-us page, but you get the idea. Small fonts need to be easy to read.
That's about it. Great job David!

Does anyone else have suggestions or questions?