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This is the place to give and receive feedback on your recently completed or updated website.

Be sure to include your URL so others can go take a look and give you constructive advice!
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Angela W

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Posted 7 years ago

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This is our website, i didn't use templates, and all the buttons are home made - please, feel free to comment ....
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Hello and thanks for your time. Our site is a work in progress but an improvement hopefully over our last effort. Please feel free to let me know what works and what does not. I can take it.

I just reviewed anothers site in hopes to pay it forward.

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let me know the good bad and the ugly please. It is a work in progress.

thanks for the feedback,

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My website is, please take a look and let me know what you think.

Al K
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I would love some feedback
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My Website is :, please provide me with your Honest Feedback.

Thank you,
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please look at i am having trouble with the home page and the pic.....i want just one pic of the office, but it is putting extras on the side and at the bottom.......not sure how to make it only one image for the whole home page. thanks for any comments and/or help
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New to creating websites and still working my way through the Site builder. because we have multiple classes and age groups, the text boxes are tough and very touchy (I go to use back space and it duplicates text-weird).

I am looking to add google+1 and possibly pintrest buttons (if you know how to do this please inform).

Here is my site to critique:

Thank you in advance for any help or ideas!
Best regards-Wayde

Critique Away!
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my website is although I am still working on it, i am having trouble locating the Visitor Chatroom Element. Any thoughts?
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Hi! I'm getting ready to publish our new site. I was hoping to get some Constructive help with it. Thanks, Teri
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I've had to remove my site. It's not complete enough to publish & I'm having trouble getting my form to line up properly. The check boxes are scattering all over the page & covering up text. Very frustrated!
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...still in progress... :)
Hello, I just recently (within the past week) published my first website. The site is for my recording studio, Allosonus Productions. I would appreciate any feedback or critique that might help me improve my site or what I am doing right. Thanks in advance!

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Do I need to add a navigation button to move to another page?How do move from one page to another?Don
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Hi Angela & Chris,

We have been developing our website to increase both traffic & customers.

What are we doing right?
What are we doing wrong?
What can we do better?

LOL! (I'm a guy with short hair, but if I had long hair...This might be me)
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Recent changes to my site, completely re-languaged how I speak about my business and what I do. I would like some honest feedback on:

- clarity of my message
- ease of navigation
- clear call to actions on each page (ie, not only to capture leads, but also clear direction to the next appropriate page and finally to the product page)

thank you!
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website is

an inexpensive DIY instant delivery hot water heater, mainly for kitchen sink

never had a single visitor but me

I'd appreciate any help..
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Hey everyone! I'm just starting out as a personal trainer though I have 2 years of group fitness under my belt. This is my first attempt at putting together a website after looking at how other trainers did theirs. I wanted to keep mine simple. Would greatly appreciate some feedback on what I may need to add or take out thanks! :)
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Colette: IMO- The site looks pretty good. The only thing I would suggest is to add the a link the (Contact me to register) (text is in red). It lead me to believe I could click on the text and it would bring up an email for me to contact you. Other than that not bad at all!
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Thanks for the feedback! And thanks! I'm thinking I may either link the contents in red or change the "contact us" page into "register"
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Stretchsport Guy

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Hello. Love your website!
Head's up on the Home link. This is what I got when I tried to get back to the index/home page...
Page Not Found
We apologize for the inconvenience. The page you have requested does not exist or has been moved. Please check to make sure that the URL you entered is accurate.
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Would love some great advice. is my site and I just opened it. Also I have but created it in 30 minutes last night so, it needs a lot of help. Thanks for the feedback and don't worry I am thick skinned so you cant hurt me......
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We do car audio and accessories in Lancaster, CA. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Just made a fairly large change, and I'm trying some new things. Looking for some additional input...

Jay West - Owner
Sinful Customs
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I need a Feednack of my site
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Please make comments on Thanks
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J Jay Ross

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I would love for a review of my website for some feedback (give it to me straight, I'm a writer and used to rejection-actually, that's all I live for it seems...) come on in and check it out, let me know what changes could be made, maybe I won't have to pay people to read my book anymore!
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please review our website and give us your thoughts.
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I am not a pro by a long shot, but I found your site clean, professional, not cluttered, attractive, and inviting.
Humble suggestions...
• Add height to light brown header background for AMERICAN HERITAGE title bar...see where the top of clock image is....extend light brown rectangular color block up that 1/8 “ or so...then move the clock image up to top of page...All your colors and antique clock are perfect for your type of website...
• The black background for your side bar navigation is extended too far down page....unless you plan on adding more on down page...level the bottom of black side bar exactly even with bottom of horizontal black color block containing your copyright
• Shorten “Upcoming Events” to “Events” so if fits in link buttons....usually I don’t go for link buttons , but yours fit the theme nicely.
• Try matching the side bar menu’s font to your header and content font....unless it just doesn’t read well
• Great content writing, color palette is professional and high end.
Good Luck in All you do !
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Please review our website and give us your thoughts and suggestions.
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I found your website uplifting and inspiring. Thanks for being there in this way. Amen.

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