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From Elyzabeth, "If you continue to have trouble with the site, please open a separate
conversation so we can troubleshoot." Your email to me on 10/10. Thus, I am finally doing so.

To refresh, I use desktop version to edit pages, then publish them to candg site. Works great, except (perhaps html problem??) they do not all display properly in the "homestead site" format.

To fix that...I then log onto the web based site to republish them again so they look right in the https form. Works great. I use file manager, select the 6 to 10 pages I want to publish, and am done in a few minutes. I use file manager, select the 6 to 10 new pages, and publish. Over in 3 minutes, and my pages look great until I do it again an hour later. Every day, works great. Real happy with homestead!

What was not working great that weekend, or anytime I try it, is to use the web based site to do the entire task...even for one page. When/if I do not have access to the desktop, and have to use the web to do it bogs down with the save as part! ( It is/should NOT be related to the number of pages on the site. It happens with just one page edit!)   For instance.....................

If, using the webpublisher ALONE to do this,  I open one page, say goldeaglesat1495c, and select and copy all on that page, -which is not much - then - I open goldeaglestemp (which is what I do with the desktop version) and paste in the data, the next step is to save the temp page as the real page....goldeagles.

There is where the problem is. When I use the save as, it takes about 6 to 7 minutes to save that page!! Doing  6 pages, takes about 6 times as long, then they have to be published. I can't wait that long for saving!!

Luckily, when I then publish it (either with the Publish button or from file manager, it only takes about a minute or 2 to publish it. Which is great. It is the 6 or more to save it that is the problem.
IF I would lose the ability to use the desktop, and HAD to use the web to publish my files, I would quit. Because that week I wrote to you, I found that it was taking "forever" to edit the template as a "save as" page. Sometimes, I never did get around to the "publish" step. So, I just "Closed" the pages.

Any plausible explanation why opening ONE page, pasteing info into it and then saving it as another page would take soooooooooooo long? Then, think about 6 of them!

And, is my site the only Homestead site that uses a lot of pages? And if there are more, do they have trouble saving/publishing if they edit? I know part two of that might be tough for you to answer, but maybe others will chime in. 

Remember, I only need the web publisher to get my pages to the https format (I think Google is to blame for that) and could run for years with just the desktop pub, if not for that. I do NOT really blame Homestead for most of this, they have been good to me since I started with Justin Kitch in the beginning, back in 1998 or 99. BUT, it would be great if there was a simple answer to editing, and saving as, the pages for my site using the web - when it becomes necessary that I have to temporarily do so.

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Posted 8 months ago

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Hello Greg, 

I want to make sure I am following correctly, it seems are you running into an issue with the builder taking long when saving only? When performing a save or save as in Sitebuilder the software does review all the files that are in the file manager and checks if it is being used on that page. Unfortunately, there is not much Homestead can do to speed up the saving process.You can remove or delete any un-needed pages/ files from the file manager to reduce the work load placed on the software. The less files to scan will produce a quicker save time. I also have went ahead and refreshed the pages and files on the website which may help speed up the process as well. 

You also mention going back and forth from the desktop editor to the online editor. It is strongly recommended to only use one or the other. Jumping back and forth may cause more harm than good. I know customers who have websites with larger number of pages and files have reported some slowness with the software. Sitebuilder plus was built around 20 years ago and was not really built to withstand larger sites and with this site having close to 200 pages it is working a lot harder than it was intended to.

I understand the only reason you access the online builder is to edit the HTTPS version of the site. Comparing Sitebuilder plus to modern builders the best option may be to rebuild in the newest software, WebsiteBuilder. This will allow you to have a smoother experience with large sites, it runs on more up to date technology, comes with a SSL and has numerous amounts of benefits. 
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Michelle, thank you for the response.

Your replay is appreciated, but of little help, but not your fault - seems it is an inherent issue with the online builder. One that seems to unintentionally punish people like me with a large site. 

I would think that saving ONE page would not be time consuming, but I guess it "is what it is." For me, your solution to switch is not feasible. Too much work for an old man.

You gave a tip to reduce the workload for HS. Well, I did that years ago for the desktop version. I used to keep a full blown page for the items and prices and each price level i.e. goldeaglesat1500, goldeaglesat 1510, etc. I did this for most items, had MANY pages with lots of info.

Then, I saw I could condense items,and put them on a page called goldeaglestemplate, delete all that info from the price page, and save the few buttons and text on a new price page called goldeaglesat1500. 

Simple step to change price from 1490 to the price page, copy the few already created price texts and html blocks, open the template page, paste and save as goldeagles! 
done. Worked great until the Google fiasco (well, I have to admit having https is better for all concerned) then the html or something messed up the pages when put on the homestead site.

So, your people kindly fixed that for me with proper naming, BUT, to get https to work, the pages had to be published from the online version. I know you are aware of all of this. I could not spare the time to do this "online." I am 72, I would be dead waiting for your server/program/genie/wizard (whatever is doing the work behind the curtain) to do all that work. And I usually only have to change 6 to 10 pages, usually only 6. It is NOT practical to do what I have to do, using your online builder. BUT is does work to do what I do.

And that is what you said not to do......use the desktop to make the changes, and save, publish and then go to the online site, pull in the changed pages and republish and get the proper view and https listing. Sorry, but until I die or go out of business, that is what I am forced to do.

As an example for you – today, to change ONE PAGE (Goldeagles, a page without that much on it!) as a test, it took 1 minute to open the price page, pull up the template, and paste in the data. Then I hit save as, and watched the little circle spin around for 5 minutes.

When I looked – the program was still displaying the template page with the prices I pasted, an obvious ERROR. Then the little box popped up with the ominous “this page has become unresponsive, wait or kill it?” I waited, the box came up two more I killed the page. After a total time of 8 get nothing accomplished!

I then opened the desktop version, copied, pasted saved as, and LESS THAN 1 MINUTE. For me, the online version only works if I pull in the published/changed page, then use file manager to republish.

OH, and when the desktop version opened, and I did pull in pages, the template page was plain as it should be...NOT filled with the pasted data and the page the online web builder displayed. That leads me to believe that the online builder never saved the template as the page, nor did it save the template as the template. It FROZE before it could accomplish anything.

I went back and opened the online builder. The template page, with all the prices still pasted, HAD saved - but as template - not as the page it should have. I did not publish it, I deleted it and saved it as ***temp instead of ***. Template. At least I tried all froze up again! With me, it is the Saving As that seems to be the main bug-a-boo.

Perhaps all of this is happening due to me using and older computer with Vista on it (Oh – it has a ton of memory installed)....about the only thing that will still run the desktop builder, the builder that lets me do 99% of what I need.

This is becoming a moot point. I really appreciate your time and effort you have put into this, but it is all for naught. I will have to move on and get it done the best way I can. You move on and help all those other great people out there who need the help. There is no reason for me to tie up the Homestead resources, when they could be assisting others.

Thank you again for your time, interest and attempted help. So much to do, so little time to do it.

Much appreciated,  Greg
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Staff....I tried something today. Instead of using the desktop, I used the Plus/net version to pull up a price page, copied data, then pulled up the template page, pasted and hit save as..the page without the temp in name. Then published. Took all of less than 2 min, not the usual 6 to never that happens at times.

I thought great. Did the same with a second page. Saving took less than a minute. Published...and watched the little doo dad spin around -  forever. Kept getting "Kill the Page?" requests. I used the browser (that page I was on was frozen) and backed out until something worked....the log in page.

Oddly, then checked the website, and the page had published with the correct pricing, it was just that the publishing program locked up after it did, and did not revert back to the editing mode.

Thought you might have a comment on this. (Both pages were published in the same manner, using the Button and not file manager. I can't waste time experimenting with doing it again only with file manager - only so much life left in this old body.)
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Michelle C, Employee

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Glad you were able to get it to work. What you are experiencing is slowness due to pushing sitebuilder to its limits. You have over 500 pages and upon saving and publishing with the blue publish button the system may run into timeout errors while scanning all pages and files. Although you may experience an error in the builder I would recommend double check the live website after a publishing error because it sometimes does still complete the publishing despite the error. Publishing the individual page from the file manager is going to be the best way to avoid any publishing errors. I apologize there is not much we can do to remedy the speed of these actions but again you may want to look into the new software for the best experience Homestead can offer. 
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Michelle, again, thank you for the response.

And, again, your replay is appreciated, but of little help, but not your fault - seems it is an inherent issue with the online builder. One that seems to unintentionally punish people like me with a large site.  

Anytime I try to it all on sitebuilder plus, the program bogs down or locks up. Large number of pages withstanding (I deleted over 70 from the main cngw acct) it works for me IF....i only edit one page. After I edit, save and publish one page...IF I go and do another page, it will constantly spin the timer on the save as, or the publish page. Seems like a server problem to me, but I am not there.

The only way I can use homestead, is to do my changes on sitebuilder desktop, and publish them. Then (for whatever reason: html problems, poor coding problems, Paypal button problems) some of the page do not display correctly after that move I made months ago the https format.

So.......... I then open online sitebuilder plus, import the changed pages, and publish them from there using file manager. That works.

As an example, to change 6 pages in online sitebuilder plus, could take from 15 minutes if it  works, to "forever" if it does not but locks up instead.  I don't have that much time!

To do the same 6 pages via desktop and online...takes about 3 min to edit 6 pages w/ desktop, then about 1 min to publish them. (4 total)  I then pull them into online version, select and publish them in about a time, is 5 to 6 minutes to DO IT ALL. And that is with the site that has the large number of pages. That site, should work for a user, no matter how many pages it has, in my opinion. If it does not, it is not doing what the user expected. I just wonder how many other people are out there with large sites, who face the same problem, but they DO NOT have the desktop version to get them through this.

I am thinking if this Vista desktop goes up, my best hope is to find and older machine and hope to load the desktop version on it so I can keep going.

I think you will admit, that with what I do, and have for sites, with the number of pages they have, a complete "restart, overhaul, new build" is probably out of the question. You know this best, you can see my site.

So, I guess I am locked into that for the duration. Just the way it is. I did not find an answer, or get it to work, I just found a way to get done what I need to get done. I am just getting by.

Appreciate your help and interest, keep solving the other problems you can.


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