October 28, 2014 - Malware warning on Homestead.com(Resolved)

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Visitors to www.homestead.com are currently receiving a warning in their web browser stating "This site ahead contains malware".  We are confident that this is an error but are investigating the matter. We apologize for the inconvenience and working to get this resolved as soon as possible. We will post updates to this thread as information becomes available. 
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Posted 6 years ago

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Getting the same Malware comment as everyone else... I've been on hold for 15 minutes trying to get a hold of a real person.  Also add a jquery image scroller please and thank you.
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I was on hold for 32 mins and gave up.  I wonder how long this will take to fix...it started at 3:30am this morning for me.
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Malware detected, Google not happy
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Anthony8894 (and everyone on this thread).  We have found the problem and pushed out a fix. We are just waiting for Google to confirm, and lift the warning message that everyone is seeing. Unfortunately we are not sure how long it will take them to do this. 

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As long as it's taken care of Mike and done so directly with Google. If you can push the question through regarding Adwords and its suspension lift, I'd be pleased.

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Mike F, if we had all gotten a memo from Homestead that there was a problem, I wouldn't have gotten up at 3:30am when Google e-mailed me regarding my Adwords was suspended and tried to fix the prob.  I think it's negligence to allow millions of peeps to flood Google with calls when Homestead knew they were the prob.  While I was on the phone with Google they received the memo regarding Homestead's prob. Doesn't Homestead have a CEO or COO or anybody to make official statements?  Do they give a flying?  
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I got the same warning message when I attempted to access the main Homestead site, then, after reading the comments here, I decided to check out the websites I'm responsible for. They seem to open OK for me in various browsers, yet, for some reason, the font size appears different in Firefox, meaning the sites fail to display properly, with large text overlapping other elements. This problem wasn't there a few days ago as I was looking at page updates across various browsers and they all worked fine. I don't want to go in and amend the font size as it will be wrong in all browsers except Firefox!
Can someone from Homestead explain if this is something to do with the malware issue? Either way, Homestead, please put this right immediately as it is affecting my business and that of my clients!
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Trying to access my website, it keeps telling me Homestead has been attacked by hackers and my site is malware.  I don't want to lose customers because of this, how can we fix it?
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this is not just about the warning message-the issue is also that AdWords has shut down everyone's account!!! I am on the phone with them and they say it will take 36-72 hours to "reverify" all the sites!!! This is nuts!

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What I think is that it is truly hilarious that this happens just days after they announce that their prices are going up! Get it together homestead. I just hope the price increase is going to be able to give us better tools in site builder like multiple image uploader, better blog tools that allow video, and there are so many things that show site builders age that need re-vamping. This lack of modern website building tools were making me consider jumping ship, but now this malware thing happens! Wow this might be the nail in the coffin for me. And they're saying that it started on one website they host! Why are there not more protections, to stop something like this from happening? one website they host made all of our websites infected? This better be fixed today. THey need to give us a time projection. I am loosing customers because of this, which makes me loose money, and their price is going up? In what world does that make sense? Will there be some kind of prorate price this month because our websites are inaccessible, I think not!
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I have officially lost business due to this - client called and said that if we have issues like this, how can we guarantee safe orders in the future. Clients think what they want - they think we are running an un-safe website.  Thank you homestead.  I will be looking into other venues for my website now.
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My adword campaigns have been shut down by G. It is good for me to have a break, as G has sucked me too much. Ha Ha Ha.....
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I just tried going to Homestead.com and it's working.  My Homestead website is working, too (all fonts displayed correctly). 

Nobody ever likes their site to be down, but stuff happens.  I'm glad the Homestead team was able to identify the problem and correct it.
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Looks like all is back to normal.
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I'm good now also.  If I do a Google search, I still get the warning. But typing the www address takes me to the normal screen and all is good. I know some people were affected by this in ways I was not but I am happy it was resolved quickly.
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all good here too! AdWords fully operational. You guys are a pain the a** but seem to always pull things thru. thx. Miguel ;)
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Official Response
Hello All

We've fixed the issue and most customers should be able to navigate our site and our customer's sites without issue... but that  there may still be some browsers that are updating their data for the next few hours, so some customers may still see some warnings
.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


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I called them, but it was apparently not necessary. They were acutely aware of the issue and I was told that once the issue was resolved(and it was) the AdWords system automatically "rescanned" every site. In my case, it took a few minutes to roll through all my ads. I actually could see each one being approved one by one. But like Mike said, you may want to call anyway. 
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I'm beyond upset. My adwords ads are still not running and have now been off all day. All sites that my ads link to say Site Suspended. I am now on the phone again with Google. Do not take for granted that your ads are running because mine didn't come back on even though I've been in phone and email contact with Google all day. Earlier I had good things to say about Homestead....now I don't. You have cost me a lot of money today that I can't afford to loose.
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Homestead is the only company that thanked us for our patience and never apologized for the mess up.  Enough said.  Whoever runs Homestead should go to a Customer Service seminar.  
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Due to malware issue that has occurred my website on Google Adwords is now suspended.  I have appealed this and told them this was my HOSTING COMPANY's issue and fault.  Not only did I lose a day of advertising and incoming business to my site, but now I have to wait another 3 to 5 days for my website to be reviewed to see if Google will reactivate and allow me to advertise with them.  Really?!?

Homestead what will YOU do about this?  You should help your clients that have been loyal to you. I have been with you since 1999.  I lost a full day of pay and advertisement to drive in business to my website for a solid week it appears.  Your response would be most appreciated.

Ps. I did not receive ONE email all day explaining this issue or seeing an apology for this awful inconvenience.  However I DID receive hundreds of emails from clients and workers stating they could not even get onto my website due to viscous malware.   

An unhappy CEO
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Agreed, I had NO idea this was an issue until Google suspended my account this evening.
Will Homestead be compensating me for loss of revenue?  Probably not.
Will Homestead be losing customers?  Probably.
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Once again we are sorry for the inconvenience this has created for everyone.  I see a few posts asking about compensation for the downtime.  We understand how important your website can be to your business. We also know that the circumstances may be different for each one of you.  If you want to discuss some sort of refund or credit to your account, we'll have to ask that you call in and have a conversation with one of our telephone agents at 800-710-1998.  We will do our best to do what is fair and reasonable. Keep in mind, that there was no malware found on our site. The malware warning that all of you were seeing was triggered by Google due to some code on our site but it was identified and updated within a few hours.  We do have any control over Google and we can't explain, nor are we in a position to justify why they blocked all of your sites and suspended the adwords programs for some of you. Those issues will need to be addressed with Google.