Not receiving incoming mail from different domains.

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I'm not being able to receive any emails for the past 6 six hours from other domains. Please look into this issue at the earliest.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I am not getting any either. As a business owner this is unacceptable!
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I am just checking to see if Homestead has pulled their heads out of their BUTTS! I see ALL THESE PAYING CUSTOMERS are STILL having the same issues as we have been for TWO WEEKS NOW. Homestead, team, support personal, please tell me how sorry you are as it appears you truly mean it and you obviously value us as good paying BUSINESS OWNERS. Can you smell my sarcasm? I have never in my life seen a bigger bunch of bumbling, fumbling morons. Well, next to the Government you are running a close first. Please tell me you people don't get paid for this...Right? Please let me remind you, we are paying customers. What are we paying for? I'm sure that you will give us all a refund for this issue? NO? I smell lawsuit........
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ditto your frustration took the words out of my mouth...actually "morons" is too nice a word!!
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I am not getting any mail either. This is unacceptable!
If this happend in my country i would definitely bring this to a court.... as no one in my company can receive any email and this is making big financial damages to my company........
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Email continues to not work properly. It has been over a week of going from working on 100+ emails a day, which is necessary, to receiving ZERO emails. All of our clients are being blocked or cannot send. This needs to be fixed immediately.
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Same problem here. No incoming e mails. Two weeks of problems.
Unreal. These things must be corrected or all of us will be leaving.
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Ditto here had nothing all day. Even though I have sent test emails to the account.

Should be fixed on 7th or 8th October which is not acceptable.
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7TH OR 8TH....really??...ugh...unacceptable!!
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And seriously, is that even the truth? Why hasn't an update on the message board been posted since Monday? Anyone know who's running the show over there? We need to find the head cheese on FB or something and pummel him/her with inquiries until we get an answer - that will surely be unsatisfactory.
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Same here. I called and was told it would have been fixed over last weekend. Still here on Thursday, pretty unacceptable.
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I am fairly excited about this final complaint with Homestead and their customer service and products. I will be moving the entire business to GMail business email and calendar.
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Has anyone gotten any direct response or answers from Homestead?
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Totally unacceptable. I am not able to send or receive emails now. Several clients notified me that they tried to send me an email and it bounced back or worse, that they sent me an email and I didn't reply! I always reply immediately!

This has been going on for a week at least and now it seems to be worse than when it first started.

Unacceptable! I'm running a business and losing customers!
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Mike F

When i move to zoho do i lose all my saved emails or will they come over??? i need an answer now!!!
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I just want to talk to a human being to ask this questions... I am so unhappy right now!
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As a business owner, this is not acceptable. I've been without receiving e-mails for a week or more. What's frustrating is that I was not notified by Homestead as I found out through my own investigating. After calling Homestead, I was told that the transition from Intuit to Homestead lack the right level of server configuration and now they're deploying the right level, but with significant delays. This missing or inappropriate planning is not acceptable from a business perspective. Will there be restitution? What assurance do I have that this will not happen again?

This is not acceptable. Why isn't Homestead responding to these compliants?
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I averagely receive 2 dozens of emails each day, mostly from my repeat clients. But past 10 days, I only received 2 or 3 junk emails per day but over 10 emails from clients asking why I didn't respond to their email. I am extremely angry with the hosting company. Is there any lawyers out there who can file a lawsuit against that company?
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Look at the other threads there is a class action being started... Join us!
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@ MikeF... What is the service Window Homestead is using to work on the email servers? This might help. Some of us are getting mail intermittently but it seems that email doesn't work in the morning (EST) I would recommend 10pm PST to 4am PST so east coast and other customers don't wake up in the morning not to receive email. Also if there was a way to save the email when you're working on the servers and send them when you're done that would be helpful. It appears we're not getting email when you're working on them. (which kind of makes sense) It would help if you can give us an outage window that we can pass on to our customers. We need to explain to them why we can't get emails. While people here are frustrated (and rightfully so) we're trying to work with homestead or else we would all be gone. We need homestead to work a little more with us. If I ran the shop I would of at least had a conference call or online chat to answer customer issues. Again this is not a reflection on you as the social media guy but it is of your executives.

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