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Did you know you are living in the middle of Mobilegeddon? Despite its grand and apocalyptic sounding name, we’ll forgive you if you don’t know what it’s about. After all, the world has not entered into a perpetual winter, the sun isn't falling from the sky, and humans remain in control of technology (so far!) Nothing too dramatic as that has happened (yet), but significant changes have taken place in search industry. These changes could influence your business right now.

The first step to understanding Mobilegeddon is to look at the changes and why Google implemented them. Then you can determine if your website is affected and take actions to remedy it.
Why Does Google Exist?

The concept of Mobilegeddon is simple - Google has decided that when one of its users search on Google using a mobile device that it wants to prioritize websites optimized for mobile viewing.So what does that have to do with the question of why Google exists? In the view of Google, it has one primary purpose: to answer the questions that its users ask.If a user clicks on a website in a search result and doesn't find what they are looking for - for whatever reason - Google has failed. And Google doesn't like to fail, so it does everything that it can to ensure that its search results meet the needs of its users.So let's create a situation with a user on a mobile device who is searching for something on Google. They get a page of search results and click on one of the websites. But it is not mobile friendly. This could mean several things:
  • They cannot read the content properly

  • Navigation on the website is difficult

  • Some of the functions don't work

  • The site loads slowly

So even if the website offers the solution they are looking for, because they are using a mobile device, they cannot access it. And that means Google has failed.And as you already know, Google doesn't like to fail. That is why it is now prioritizing websites that are mobile friendly when users search on mobile devices. As 65 percent of consumers begin their searches on mobile devices, this is a significant change, hence the grand title “Mobilegeddon.”
Are You Affected? Here’s What You Can Do

The first thing you need to do is to look at your website the way that Google looks at it. Luckily they have made this easy as they have created a tool. Just enter the address of your website and Google will give you a report outlining anything that is wrong with it.If your website is not mobile friendly you have three choices:
  • You can ignore it, and forget about getting all those new customers who are increasingly using their mobile phones

  • You can get a new website that is responsive

  • You can get a mobile version of your website

You probably don’t want to choose option one. Option two is a viable solution but it is expensive and time-consuming. The quickest and most cost-effective way for your business to survive Mobilegeddon is to get a mobile version of your website. Tools like the Dudamobile service offered by Homestead make this quick and easy. It turns your existing website into one that is mobile friendly in minutes, and you don't need programming or design skills to use it.
Mobile websites like those produced by Dudamobile are the preferred option for most website owners because they:

  • Meet all of Google’s mobile requirements

  • Are quick to develop

  • Are cost effective

  • Give you better control over the way the content is displayed

The end result is that you will have two versions of your website. When people search on Google using a desktop computer or laptop they will see your existing site, but when they search on mobile they will see the mobile friendly version instead.So to stay ahead of the curve and get through Mobilegeddon, go mobile.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Mobile Friendly and Responsive Google Guideline Website Requirements Question.

I received this email today from this unknown individual: Sandra <> and ask that Homestead respond regarding its content and Responsive Layouts and perhaps the most optimal page size to help mobile friendly users.  The email says:
Dear Business Owner of*Psychicjoystar.Com,*

I visited your website *Psychicjoystar.Com* and found it to be good and professional. However, I came across some issues pertaining to the website that needs immediate attention.

As per *Google's guidelines*, a site should be easily accessible on*Mobile phone, Iphone, and Tablets*etc. This only can be attained through a Responsive or Fluid layout and this is exactly where your website is off-form. We can integrate your knowledge and experience with our web development and marketing expertise to build the perfect website for your business that complies to the guidelines.

Additionally, as the number of mobile Internet users are increasing, your site needs to be Mobile compliant too. By optimizing the website with the use of proper*HTML5 development standard*, we can make it mobile compliant too. This can soar the popularity of the website to its utmost extent.

Your business objectives can certainly be presented better with the help of a good web design service. So, please let me know if we can discuss further regarding the website issues and its remedies in regards to get the best of the web results.

Best Regards,*
Web Designer*

*PS*: I am not spamming. I have studied your website, and believe I can help with your business promotion.
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We offer Dudamobile as an option to mobilize your site. Google has been very specific that this method is to be ranked the same as a responsive site.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Is my website optimized for mobile?.

Is my website optimized for mobile? A google sales person told one of my clients it is not and google will start filtering out websites from their search engine that are not mobile friendly. Is this true? How do I make my site mobile friendly? It seems to work ok on my phone as well as desktop.
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Here's a quick article about Google and having your site Mobile friendly. We do offer Dudamobile, inside of your Websites Manager you can find one of the tabs "Create Mobile Site"

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