Listing your products to eBay using Bigcommerce

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Creating a Listing Template

To list products on eBay from Bigcommerce, you will need to create a listing template. A listing template specifies the categories, payment options, shipping methods, and other details of the product(s) that you are listing. You can create as many listing templates as you need to. When you list a product, our integration with eBay will take the options on your listing template into account to calculate how much eBay will charge for the listing.


1. In the Bigcommerce control panel, go to Marketing › Sell on eBay.

2. Click on the eBay Listing Templates tab.

eBay Listing Templates tab

3. Click Create an eBay Listing Template.

Create an eBay Listing Template button

4. Under General Listing Details, fill out your template name and settings.

General Listing Details settings

5. To enter the eBay categories, click Change next to Primary eBay Category.

Change button next to the Primary eBay Category

6. Select your categories and subcategories. Be as specific as necessary. Click Next when done. You may be asked to map the product conditions, or fill out other category-specific information.

Categories and subcategories selected

Listing Template Details

In Create an eBay Listing Template (Step 2 of 2), you will specify all the options that affect the prices, payment methods, and shipping methods. You will need to go through the four tabs described below to fill out the details. Click Save when you have filled out your settings.

  • General - contains the quantity to sell, item photo, item location, and the selling method (whether online auction or Buy It Now)
  • Payment- contains the payment methods (including credit card types) and asks for your PayPal email address
  • Shipping- contains domestic and international shipping methods, handling time, and sales tax
  • Other - contains checkout instructions, return policies, visitor counter options, and lot size

The features available to you will depend on whether your products are going to be sold by online auction or by fixed price.


In an auction-style listing, the seller offers an item for sale and sets a starting price. For the duration of the auction, buyers place bids on the item. When the auction listing ends, the high bidder purchases from the seller for the high bid.

You may set a reserve price on the listing, which is the lowest price you're willing to sell your item for. The reserve price isn't shown to the buyers, but they will see that the auction has a reserve that hasn't been met. You are not obligated to sell the item if the reserve price hasn't been met when the auction ends. Note that not all categories support a reserve price.

Buy It Now price may also be included with your listing which allows users to purchase the item immediately. The “Buy it Now” icon will be shown in the search results and on the items listing page. The Buy It Now option is available until someone places a bid or the reserve price is met.


A fixed price listing allows buyers to purchase the price immediately at the specified price, but they cannot place bids. The Buy It Now option will be always be available and you can sell more than one item per listing.



By default a quantity of one is set for all listings.

  • Fixed Price listing - you can specify that you have multiple items for sale by increasing the quantity here.
  • Online Auction listing - specifying a quantity higher than 1 will result in the product(s) being listed multiple times. This will result in higher fees due to the separate listings.

Item Location

The Item Location fields should accurately describe where your product is shipped from. By default, these fields will be pre-filled with your store's shipping address details.

Selling Method

  • Online Auction
  • Buy It Now (fixed price)


  • Fixed Price listings - only the Buy It Now price.
  • Online Auction listing - reserve price, starting price, and Buy It Now price.

For each price available for your selling method, you are given 3 options on how to describe the amount.

  • product's price (on the product page in Bigcommerce)
  • product price plus or minus a fixed or percentage
  • fixed custom price

Pricing for a fixed price product

pricing for an online item

Depending on the category, site, and start price, there may be restrictions on the minimum reserve price, start price, or Buy It Now prices.


The payment methods displayed depend on the country-based site you chose in the first step.

Many categories will also require PayPal as a payment method, in which case a notification will be displayed and this method cannot be unticked. For PayPal, you will also need to fill in the PayPal Email Address field.


You can choose to specify up to 3 services, or 2 services plus local pickup. There are two types of shipping services you may specify: Flat Rate or CalculatedYou can also offer products for local domestic pick-up.

Flat Rate - you specify the exact cost to ship the item using a particular service. The cost will be the same to every customer regardless of their location. You may also specify an additional cost for each subsequent item if the customer is purchasing more than one item from you.

Calculated services - the shipping cost is automatically determined from the item's weight, dimensions and the destination. The Package Type you choose will also determine which services you can pick. To ensure accurate quotes and valid listings, check that you have the correct dimensions and weights specified in your products before listing them.

The first domestic service you specify can be marked as having Free Shipping.

If you specify a Buy It Now price and at least one expedited shipping service (for example, UPS Next Day Air), you may also mark your listing with the Get It Fast icon. This means that have you committed to posting the item within 1 business day, even if the buyer does not select an expedited service. This applies to domestic shipping only. When enabling this option, the Handling Time drop-down will become disabled.


The final tab has miscellaneous settings that affect how the product is displayed, including:

  • Checkout instructions - enter your preferred instructions
  • Returns - a yes/no checkbox
  • Visitor counter - select the style and visibility of your visitor counter
  • Listing display - gallery style (see eBay's description of each style)
  • Lot size (for bulk lot listings)

Save your changes when finished.

Listing Products With Options

eBay allows Fixed Price items with options to be listed for specific categories only. For these categories, eBay allows up to 5 variation options to be specified with a maximum of 30 values each, for a maximum of 120 combinations. For example, you could have Color, Size, Width, Material, and Style as your options and each may have up to 30 values.

Different brands and different functional products cannot be combined. This would normally be a violation of eBay's Circumventing Fee policy. For example, you could not post a listing that combines different brands of shirts into one listing. You also could not create a listing with the traitsArticleSize and Color, where Article refers to shirt, pants and jacket to make the single listing include an entire outfit.

The Buy It Now price for each individual option is calculated by first determining the price specified in your template, then applying the option's own modifier to that amount. The quantity available to purchase for each option is equal to the Quantity To Sell specified in the template. For example, if you set a quantity of 3 and have a option with 10 possible combinations, then there will be 30 items for sale (ie, each combination can be purchased 3 times).

See eBay's support article on listings with options.

Listing your products

1. In the Bigcommerce control panel, go to Products › View Products.

2. Check the box to the left of the product(s) you want to list. You can select multiple products if they are all using the same listing template.

Product with a checkbox next to it

3. In the Choose an Action drop-down, select List These Products on eBay. Click Confirm.

Choose an Action dropdown with List These Products on eBay selected

4. In the List product on eBay screen, select your listing template and listing date. Click Next.

List product on eBay screen

5. You will be shown the features of the product category in the listing template you have chosen. ClickNext.

Example of a product eBay listing screen

Depending on the category you have chosen for your item(s) you may need to specify some additional information on the next step.

6. You will be shown an estimated listing fee. Click List on eBay to continue.

Example of the eBay listing fee pop-up

7. Your listing has been submitted. eBay will send you an email when the product has listed successfully.

Final eBay listing pop-up

eBay limits listings from third party services such as Bigcommerce to seller accounts in good standing. Your seller account cannot be brand new, and you must have listed items directly from eBay before listing them from third parties. If you receive a 240 Error when listing, try manually listing an item through eBay to for a more detailed error report. For trouble shooting steps please see this guide.

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