It would be great if we could bulk upload images into a photo gallery.

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Posted 7 years ago

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ya what he said :-)
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Absolutely! I have 10,000 items I want to upload and I am paying for 10GB worth of products, it would be great to be able to mass upload the images. It would cut time to make the website much better.
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Sorry Therese9772, but due to many other systems upgrades and migrations we don't have any eta on actual sitebuilder upgrades. 
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Ok it is three months later. Could you give us an idea of some upgrades that you guys have discussed adding or could you just be honest and say we don't plan to ever upgrade anything and say What you see is what you get"?  
If you actually upgraded your servers then that should help our SEO a little with faster downloads so I maybe give you guys some credit.
I want FTP back!!!!! 
We have heard upgrades are coming for almost three years and no changes even after not being able to upgrade our site for three weeks. My traffic dropped almost 70% during this time.. As my mom would say" I smell a rat"
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Sad, isn't it, don't hold your breathe! :(  I've been trying to get this resolved for 4 years now. My website photo pages look like poo because I've had to resort to Facebook links because I honestly don't have the time to upload the pictures through Homestead! My business is photo driven so this is totally unacceptable. I am searching for another company, my only issue has been everyone else wants their full year paid up front and I don't have that at this point and Homestead has monthly billing, which I can't believe they raised! Ridiculous! This thread has been going on for 2 years with nothing fixed! Not a Happy Customer! :(
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If only switching host was more seamless; I'd be gone in a heartbeat! Your web building software is archaic; like something out of the dark ages; so frustrating I need a stiff drink by the time I complete! js :/
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I have to use Extreme Thumbnail Software by Exisoftware. It's extra work, but the only way I know to get a decent looking gallery with unlimited photos on our business site. Create the gallery, then export it to your computer as a ZIP. Create subfolder and import the gallery. If anyone needs help with this, just email me I would be glad to help. 
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I have multiple photos of an event I'd like to have available to share via the gallery. Uploading one image at at time (18+ secs for each photo) is EXTREMELY time consuming. Any chance there is a "go around" on this situation?

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Heya guys, as an experiment I opened a folder full of images I wanted to upload. Shrank the homestead files manager window (not maximized window basically) and then highlighted all the images in the folder and simply dragged them over ... they all bulk uploaded at once!

it works it works!
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Thank you, Mike, that sounds encouraging!
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inariibels, yay, that worked for me too, thanks for experimenting!
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I need to find a simpler way. Considering moving to another provider.
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If you just create a folder in the File Manager and then drag'n drop the files in, many people find this easier than connecting an ftp client. See this short video.
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That worked!!! Yay!
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That would be great to upload numerous images. That is a major downfall
for homestead. You end up spending hours. I have looked at other hosts just because of this. Hope they work on it soon.
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I have pulled my hair out regarding this antiquated way of uploading photos. I would switch companies but I am too busy and it is too complicated. Come on guys, there are cheaper better options out there. I update my photos on a daily/weekly basis and uploading one photo at a time is just plain stupid. Also the up and down buttons are so annoying. PLEASE let us drag our updated photos to the top!!! PLEASE CONISDER THIS AS A PRIORITY. Time is money.

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