Is Homestead Sitebuilder offline?

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I have Homestead Sitebuilder. For the past 5 hours, I have been unable to get online to update my site. I am online with other programs (email, twitter, etc.) but not Homestead Sitebuilder. I even tried another computer to no avail.
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Posted 7 months ago

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Elyzabeth that cannot be the only answer. I have dozens of websites and thousands of pages. As early as four months ago there was a post that "at this time we do not plan to discontinue sitebuilder desktop". But now, in a 24 hour stretch you are saying that the product, along with access to all of the websites, pages and files is gone for good?

I did what you suggested on a complete uninstall/reinstall and now I cannot even sign into the program because it is offline and does not have a way to verify my username and password.

This is not an issue on anyone's computer that requires a reinstall. This is a connection problem at the source. All I am asking is if there is any way to escalate or run this up the ladder and just verify the connection or whatever problem would keep us offline. It is just a connection problem. How in the world does Homestead just give up on their customers like that?

If we need to go with a new company or new sitebuilder, I get that. But you can not completely shutdown access to a product without an advanced warning ... and there was none. I have a ton of sites that I would need to redesign. But more importantly I have ones that need to be updated now. I am not trying to make threats. I am trying to save my livelihood for my and my family's sake. I am speechless. I do not know what else to say.
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I work for 2 nonprofits as well as have multipe personal business sites and sites for my church and friends, I get edit emails all day long already have 6 i can't complete, simple stuff but means alot to these friends family and organizations to keep their sites updated, please someone look into this on homestead side and fix this its not even showing in system staus as an issue.
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I have been using Sitebuilder forever. I pay a lot of money for this. If they can't fix it I will go elsewhere. I have to be able to update my website. I do not like the Plus version and WONT USE IT! Guess I will going elsewhere and paying somebody else to host my site. Very very disappointing. 

Has anybody tried calling them? 
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I called a few days ago and was told they stopped providing phone support for the desktop version a while ago and was directed here to the help forum. From everything that they have been saying and the fact we are now on Day 5 ... I doubt we will ever see the desktop publisher again regradless of how much we pitch a fit. It doesn't work and if they knew how to make it work we would have all been back online days ago. Drew warned us about this day for years. Looks like it arrived sooner than any of us wanted. That said, while not ideal, I have put my personal feeling aside and have been using Plus to make minor updates and it works in a pinch. Have yet to make any major updates. I have spent the better part of the last two days looking for a company that A) Has a versatile builder like the desktop and B) will allow for importing of an existing website and html files. Have struck out across the board. Was such a great product. I accept that it is gone, but still hate to see it go away.
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I hope that Homestead understands that some of us are attached to Sitebuilder Desktop and for various reasons we want to continue using it. I've been using it for 17 years and think it's a gem of a program. Coca-Cola once changed their recipe, but due to public outcry, they brought back the original and called it "Coke Classic." In my view, Sitebuilder Desktop is a classic and I hope we can still use it for a long time to come. I realize this is not your decision or doing, Elyzabeth, but just thought I'd cast a vote for Sitebuilder Desktop in case someone is listening. :o)
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I vote for Desktop also. Sitebuilder Plus is a DOWNGRADE from Desktop. Hopefully we will be able to use it again soon. We need more Desktop users to voice their opposition to this shut out.
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I whole heartily concur!

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same problem: cant conect.
Still pay a lot of money, and depending on updates: you cant only say it is an old program.
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How about Homestead look into rebuilding improving and fixing DESKTOP, that would be the fix for me!  Just don't strip it down call it "plus" and take away the features we use...
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Exactly! Do you think they've even considered that? 

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