I receive a Site error message and sitebuilder does not open my page for editing

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I sign in ok.  When I click on Edit site I get a blank page titled Site Error
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Posted 2 years ago

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Same here......I get a site error also.
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same here.  How do we log an official complaint???
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I also got a "Site Error" notice when I tried to sign in;  so I suppose from all the notices by others that it is not my computer.  I pray you can get a fix soon.  Thanks for all your help in the past
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same here!! REALLY REALLY need this fixed immediately. please.
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Please get this site error problem fixed. 
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Site Error. Can't edit. Big Problem.
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same issue when will this be resolved
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do they have anyone working on the weekends?
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same issue here and may home page on the edit site is different
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SAME HERE... ME TOO! I hope we weren't hacked. My other site works fine... But just like you i sign in fine but get a blank page when editing and yes the homepage looks different. I wish they were available right now. I HAVE WORK THAT I SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET DONE TONIGHT... THIS IS SO INCONVENIENT :-(
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Same thing on the desktop publisher. I can get into the program, make the changes, but when I go to publish it all falls apart. Error message after error message and it will not publish any of the changes.
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Neither can I!!
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Looks like Site Builder down again ... and I have some very important updates
I need to do immediately.


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OMG I need to get stuff done - please fix this!!!
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Write a comment  I keep getting the same thing and I am probably one of your original customers.  https://sitebuilder.homestead.com/~site/builder/   Site Error
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when is this issue going to be fixed??????Does anyone monitor this site when you are closed, I can't believe that a tech company would allow this to go on so long!!  Very poor business!!!!!!
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Same here!!! 
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I have site error as well
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Having same issue here in North Carolina - please update
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same problem here -- trying to update specials on my website -- after hitting the edit button the screen goes blank and the url says "site error"
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Same Here... Had to inspect the page to determine what the error actually is. Found this alert that's not showing on the "Site Error" screen in the page script. "("We've hit a snag converting some of your files. But don't worry -- your files are fine and can still be opened in SiteBuilder. For help converting your files, call " + SB.PartnerInstance.csrNumber(), goToMyAccount()...

Meanwhile my files cannot be opened in Site Builder so the alert is not correct. Hoping this is fixed very soon.
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This is a problem, I keep getting the site error message and can't update my website. I really need to update my website before I go out of town for a week. Does this happen often?
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I am having the exact same issue. Not able to edit my website. Get white blank site error page.
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i am having the same issue
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I downloaded site builder and that allowed me to update my site but still error code when trying to use online editor. 
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Same error here... looks like it's them again not us! Would like to know when I can edit my site again. Money is a wasting!
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I have the same SITE ERROR problem. Homestead/Intuit....we need this fixed ASAP!
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its obvious now that they do not have anyone monitoring this on the weekends...this is really bad, my website needs to be updated for my customers, and i can't update it!
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I noticed they acknowledged an unrelated problem after ten minutes, but there have been no acknowledgements (to my knowledge...) of the "site error" issue. It would be nice to have an estimated time of restoration so I can stop checking back every hour... this has been going on all day.
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April Fools day isn't for another week - I wonder if the folks at Homestead know this??? I sure hope they get us back in business. It's not a good deal to be locked out of my websites when there are important updates to post.
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i have the same issue  Help !!!
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Help!!! Why has nobody answered this issue?
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This problem has been in existance for almost a day now and Homesteads havn't even acknowledged there is a problem ... let alone fix it. Is there anybody there? Does anybody care about the damage this is doing to my business? Hello ... customer service ... is this something that matters anymore at Homesteads? The evidence would say NO!
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I've been trying since yesterday morning as well.  Same Site error and nobody available to contact.

my "customers" are receiving a site error message when they hit the submit button on a contact form.  This is very discouraging.  There should be some sort of message with a time frame of how much longer it will be down!!! 

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