Can I add different fonts that are not already on the dropdown list? Is it possible?

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Posted 7 years ago

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Hi charlierivera9803,

Welcome to the community!

You cannot add fonts to Sitebuilder - However, you can specify what font (type, size, & color) by using html code.

This would require you to type your text in an html element rather than a regular text box element in sitebuilder.

I did a quick Google search on basic html font codes and came across this site,, which you may find helpful if you aren't familiar with html coding.

*note: if you specific font type that the user viewing the page does not have installed on their computer, they will see the text in the default Times New Roman font

I hope this helps, thanks for posting!

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I've added this suggestion to our Share an Idea area of this Community. I'll be sure to share this with our product development team. We'll be prioritizing this type of work based on feedback from the Community. If you're seeing this idea and would like to see more fonts, please use the +1 button to vote for this idea. We'll be providing updates to keep everyone informed of the status of this idea.

Thank you,

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+1 -- Please hurry! It should be a flexible input that a user can input specific to his/her website that rides along as a part of their website data, because some fonts are customized/proprietary.
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+1 I so love this idea.  I am an artist and need my fonts!  I just don't know where to find the +1 button to click on it!

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Sorry Jeanni7165,

They change it to say Like, up at the top.


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This really needs to be fixed asap because the limited fonts in the drop down menu really leave a lot to be desired. My site doesn't look anything like I wanted it to because of this major flaw.
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Hi Naomi1889,  I understand your frustration as there have been times when I've wanted to use different fonts.  If you have not read the post above from Aaron Hopkins, it does a good job of explaining some of the reasons there are not more fonts. If you have a special font that you want to use, you may want to research the use of entered your text with html and using CSS code to modify the font, or use a program such as MS Publisher, or MS Powerpoint, to create the text/font that you want, and then save it as an image file. This method will guarantee that it does not default to some other font when viewed on certain computer/browsers.

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The lack of fonts is depressing.
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Homestead has the worst selection of fonts.Just wait, for the Windows 8 they depeloped a new sitebuilder plus. Total garbage, cosmetic changes and screwed up even the most basic moves. They dropped the three most usable fonts, Grammond. Bookman and Verdana. On the sitebuilder you have a choice, awkward and limited use, but some choice. Klick "content" than "smooth text". Sitebuilder plus nada, nyet, zilch. The new version, I bet was developed by a bunch of albanian shepherds.
Since I upgraded to 8, I have to use the backup laptop (15'' versus 23'' monitor) I have a deadline to meet. Thanks intuit/homestead the most used, award winner WEB host!
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PLEASE - this is RIDICULOUS! The font selection is pathetic especially when you are building a site for an ARTIST!! MORE FONTS!!
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One way around this problem, is to use a good document program, like Word, and write out what you want. Then turn that into an art image in any art program, and it will publish in the fonts you have on your computer. See my play page at the link below.

The reason people can't use very many, and unusual fonts is because a lot of browsers simply cannot understand them, and they may end up looking like martian hieroglyphics to the next guy who is on your page, trying to see what you've got. Let me know if you try this and it works for you.
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This will work if you just want to do a header or other short blurb in a different font, however if you do the entire page that way all the search engines will see is images, not text and thus your SEO goes down the drain.
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No one has mentioned calibri, which is the soup du jour of eBooks. I'd gladly pay to get that.
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I have used Sitbuilder for YEARS! and keep expecting promised upgrades and additions, Never come! Homestead has become more boring and limited as time goes on. And Customer support isd totally useless.
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Is there not a cursive font? Brush Script MT specifically....
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+1, this idea is about 3 months old, is there any progress? thanks!
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Angela W

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Hi Chris, thanks for asking. We don't have an update on this idea, yet. It is still with our product development team and under consideration.
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What is to consider... you can't be creative with blah fonts.
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Exactly Peggy. This is one of the bigger issues and should be made a priority! Never mind just mulling it over.
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+1 More Fonts!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know this doesn't help much but I make all text in Photoshop where I have thousands of fonts then just save it as a .png ... completely frustrating but that's just what I do to get around not having the fonts I need.
Though in Homesteads defense, for what you pay, it's not to bad. if you get a domain from Go Daddy and then set up hosting from Blue host sure there are a lot more options and widgets but you spend $500 or more a year. plus Go Daddy is constantly spamming you with discounts that hardly every apply.
Homestead is a quick and dirty way to get your site up fast.
so they don't have tons of fonts... oh well you get what you pay for I guess.
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Not all fonts are supported by all browsers. Special fonts can be saved as an image (.png, ,jpg, etc.) But true text fonts are limited to which ones are suported by all the browsers and operating systems.

This list may help. According to the book "The principles of Beautiful Web Design" the following is a complete list of fonts supported by all browsers on both Windows and Mac OS/X. Not all of these are necessarily supported by other operating systems

Arial Black
Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Times New Roman
Trebuchet MS
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All fonts are supported when using

Just create a .css file, upload it to your site and make sure the codes match accordingly. Google explains it well. It was easy and I have a lot of cool fonts on my site.
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Aaron Hopkins

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I did some research on this on my own and discovered why they don't have more fonts.
Adding more fonts is actually very complex and here's why.
lets say you like the font Popojejo so you make a nice HTML page with that font.
when I go to your page I don't have Popojejo on my computer so I won't see that font I will see what ever default font the browsers supplies. this will mess up your page design significantly. if you don't believe me check out your Html site on a mobile device and watch what happens.
the way to fix that by the way is by adding a css that has font modifiers in it.
( as a side learning Css will help you understand the font issue much better than I am explining it here)
So to change the fonts Homestead is going to have to download the font you want on every computer in the world or... change their format to PHP instead of HTML/Java script.
PHP for those who don't know will change Homestead significantly. they won't be drag and drop anymore and you the web designer are going to have to go back to school to learn how to use it. Homestead would become much more like word press. PHP is much more powerful than html and can do some pretty incredible things but it's not for novices and it's it takes some time to learn it.
Right now Homestead is doing everything on the client side so it can be quick and dirty site builder. start today and be up and running today! click and drag and drop your done.
PHP is all server side and though when you combine it with MYSQL your going to have a much more powerful engine to work with your not going to have the drag and drop you want, you can't upload from your computer as easily, your going to have to learn a lot.
at this point you mights well download appachi and host your site yourself. again by that point your a hard core web designer and you will have left homested far behind.
so bottom line no new fonts without changing the way everything is done. its not Homesteads fault it's the nature of how fonts are displayed in Html and Java.
if you want a new font make it in Photoshop save it as a .png and upload it to your page.
Hope that helped everyone :)
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A good app to use to create fonts fast and easy is 'art text' Create your text, export as .png so background is clear. I've been using Homestead for many years and just recently started shopping around for other options. I found that most other web design services are more complicated then they advertise & the purchasing process at times is misleading. In the end, I decided to stay with Homestead. See: . To address the SEO problem by having pictures instead of words, you can add a blog where you talk about all your products, use keywords in the page description, plus there are many other SEO options available.
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Thanks for sharing Rochelle! We always like receiving suggestions from our customers.

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I would like to be able to cutomize my fonts show a little of my business's characther
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hey Brittany1194
if you read my earlier post I talk about why you can't add new fonts to the drop down list however , you can use what ever fonts you want as long as you use something like Photoshop or art text, something that will save your text as a .png.
this means that you won't get the seo for the text because it will be an image not text. but it will look like text.
I use Photoshop because I'm an artist and I have the Adobe suits, but there are lots of other less expensive options.

here are some examples ...

now these look like fonts but if you right click on them you can see that it's actually just one image.
hope this helps
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Thanks for your thorough explanation and examples on this thread. They will really help out other users. Thanks!

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Thank you for this.... this should work for my titles!
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Gimp is free and easier for most beginners paint shop pro for more advanced users there's more options 
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And here's another one that most people find very easy to use:

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Mike F., Alum

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See the post by Aaron Hopkins,

Aaron did a great job explaining the answer to this question and also included a great example.

I'm looking for some script fonts and more font choices in general. Is this really all we get?

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why are the font choices so limited?.
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Ehsan Zaheer

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Hi marybethcauthen0762,

Please see Arron's comment for more specifics on this.

As a workaround, you can use the html element and html coding to specify a font you'd like to use. Keep in mind that if the computer does not have that font installed, the computer's default font is what will be used for the text.

Thank you,
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Need greater font selection in Homestead. Very poor selection..

Why are there only a handful of fonts to choose from in Homestead? There needs to be a MUCH better selection...very disappointing.

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