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Here are some instructions on adjusting the width and length of your webpges.

Adjusting the width on individual pages:

The default width of each page is 800 pixels. You can adjust the width of each page on your website in the options under Page Settings.
  1. Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click Edit Site.

  3. Click Page Settings in the top toolbar and go to the Background, Links, Footer tab. Adjust the page width for this page only.

  4. Once you have edited the page width, Save and Publish your website.

Adjusting the width for all pages at once:

  1. Login to your website account.

  2. Click Websites Manager link in the left navigation menu.

  3. Click Edit Site.

  4. Click on the heading icon in the top toolbar.

  5. Click Page Settings.

  6. Change the page width. When you've finished changing the width, Save and Publish your website.

Adjusting the length of a webpage:

The length of your page is determined automatically based on the size and position of all the objects on your page.

  • To make your page shorter, find the element at the bottom of your page, and drag it up with your mouse.

  • To make your page longer, find the bottom element and drag it down.

Tip: There's technically no limit to the length and width your page can be, although for design and usability purposes,you should avoid making your pages too wide or too long.

Hope that helps!
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Tom Franco

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Posted 7 years ago

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I would like to know why we can't adjust the width using percentages instead of pixels. Usually, a webmistress would tell it to make the page 100% - this way, it fits most monitors/displays. Using the pixel method makes it static and cannot possibly be viewed perfectly by all sizes of displays.

How about it? Give us a %! (This is why I hate templates!)
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From Homestead employee....."You can make your pages wider so that they fill your entire monitor. However keep in mind that other viewers with smaller monitors may need to scroll left and right to see the entire page."

This is totally unacceptable. I have just recently become aware of how bad my website looks on some monitors. Can anyone think of any professional website you have ever visited where you had to "scroll left and right to see the entire page"?? It looks terrible!

Why can't we just set page width to 100%? Please work on a fix for this. It is the only thing I am unhappy about with my Homestead Website but it makes me want to move on to a different website builder!
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Hi there!

I read through various posts but am still unable to get the length of page adjust automatically - in some pages the text goes beyond the background! I tried disabling the master page setting but when I do it, it does not let me adjust the page length! What am I missing???
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My favorite solution to this is to leave the master page enabled, as then you can have the ease of use. On any page that needs lengthening, just add a rectangle to the bottom of your master page background, then match the color. This way you can adjust each page that needs it and you won't have a really long background on a page with less content.

Hope this helps.


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This worked! Thank you!!! Now why didn't I think of this before???

One other question though - now that I've got the 1st layer of background sorted, there is the last layer which is actually an image. If I try pulling the image - it gives me issue as above - it does it for all pages and when I disable the master page, it does not let me edit image. I'd like to retain that image as it gives a nice finish to the page - like a hazy border. Thanks in advance for your help! Much appreciated.
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The problem with images is that if you resize them to be larger it will destroy the quality of the image. Either you proportionally enlarge it and it is just plain low quality, or if you make it longer and not wider because the page width has been reached then you get a stretched image. It won't look good.