How do I move or copy a website?

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In order to move or copy a site from Homestead to another Homestead account or within the same account, you need to follow these steps. To start, you must be logged into the account where you want to move the website to (the destination account).

Note: Site Mover only copies the pages/files you specify. The website will not be automatically deleted. Any login name/password entered will not be saved. It will provide a one-time access of your other account to copy the necessary pages/files.

  1. Create a new website. This site will act as a holding spot for the website move. Follow these instructions to Create a new website.

Warning: Don't choose a template. This can cause elements of the website to copy incorrectly.

  1. Before moving to the next step, confirm
    the website you just created is the website listed on the Your Websites
    Page. For example, if you created a new website, you'd see this.


  1. Start the Site Mover .

  1. Click Move a site in the Move an entire site window.

  1. Select Homestead (this account) or Homestead (another Homestead account). Click Next.

    • If you are moving a website within the same account, you'll select this account.

    • If you are moving a website from any other Homestead account, you'll select another Homestead account.

    • Enter the login name and password for the account the website is coming from (originating account). Click Next.

    1. To select the website you want to move, choose the website from the Choose a Web site to move dropdown. Click Next.

    2. Select the site you created in Step 1. Then, select the first option for the question: To which Web site would you like to move these files? Click Next.

    3. Click Next to agree to the terms.

    4. The Transferring page will review how the files are copied. Click OK.

    5. Click Refresh in the File Manager. If you have a large site you are moving, Refresh again after 1 minute to confirm all files have copied.

    1. Click Websites Manager.

    1. Click Edit Site.

    2. The site that you moved will open by default. Click Publish. Click Entire Site. If the site doesn't publish completely, click Publish and choose Entire Site, again. 
    If you have any problems with the site move tool, you may contact support to handle it for you. You can start a private conversation here in the community, call, or open an online chat.
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    Posted 4 years ago

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    I suggest rather than use the term "move" it should be called "copy"

    In Microsoft Office, the "move" function actually deletes the original and "copies" in into the new place.

    Using "move" in Homestead to create a copy of an existing website I feel can be confusing, and "copy" would be a more appropriate function, and less likely to cause concern.

    I always feel unsure when I do this to create clones of a current website, and I quickly take a look at the original to reassure myself that it is still there.

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    I understand, but mostly when we do this function it is taking the site from one account to another. In that case you can choose to move or copy the site. The copy will put the site on both accounts, but the move will actually move it to the new account. I'll think about clarifying that more in the topic.
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How can I move pages into my new website?.

    I have just launched a new website, but I cannot find sitemover so I can move pages into my new website.  HELP!!!
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Duplicating A Site.

    Any one help? All I need to do is duplicate a site. I am not worried about duplicated data - I just have the need for two sites with the exact same look and feel for different users. The sites are non-advertised.

    I assume I save one as a template and then copy this to the new site (both of which are in the same Homestead Account).

    Any thoughts?
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How do I copy files from the Filemanager of one Homestead account to the Filemana....

    I am copying one of my accounts into another of my accounts and will use the SiteMover for the pages.  However, I haven't found out yet how to move files like .jpegs from one Filemanager to the other.
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    You are not able to copy between sites from the file manager. You can use the site mover.
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I do not see "site Mover". trying to copy one of our websites to another websi....

    unable to locate "site mover"
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    There is a link here in this topic. It looks like you have the blank site created already. If not, let us know, as the new builder is live and you will not be able to create a site for the older builder at this time