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You or your customers may see the error "Unfortunately we can't ship to your location. Please choose a different delivery address." after entering the shipping and billing address at checkout. This error happens when the shopping cart cannot find a working shipping method for the combination of products and shipping address the customer has entered. When producing the list of shipping options for the customer, the Bigcommerce shipping manager runs the following process:

1. Looks at the customer's shipping country, state/province, and zip code, and finds the shipping zone that most closely matches.

  • If no zones match, it gives the "Unfortunately we can't ship to your location. Please choose a different delivery address." error.

  • If a shipping zone does match, it goes onto the following step:

2. Looks at flat-rate shipping methods inside that zone. It weeds out flat rate methods that do not apply due to weight or cost restrictions (such as non-applicable Ship by Weight ranges, Ship by Order Total ranges, or free shipping over $X methods)

  • If there are no shipping methods with usable services left, it gives the "Unfortunately we can't ship to your location. Please choose a different delivery address." error.

  • If it finds services that match, it goes onto the following step:

3. Sends the product weights, dimensions, and your user information to the real-time quote provider (if you have real-time quotes set up for that zone). The real-time quote system will process these and return shipping quotes. If the real-time quote system has trouble processing the product weights or dimensions (e.g. they are out of range or not entered) or the user information, it will send an error back to Bigcommerce.

  • If Bigcommerce does not receive ANY viable quotes from ANY of the real-time quote systems, it gives the "Unfortunately we can't ship to your location. Please choose a different delivery address." error.

  • If Bigcommerce received any errors, it will display them in the Store Logs.

  • If it is given any quotes that match, it goes onto the following step:

4. The checkout page displays all viable flat rate services and/or real-time quotes.

To troubleshoot, you will need to identify which of the first three steps the error is stemming from. Bigcommerce's support ninjas use the following process of elimination.

Check your shipping zones and address
1. In the Bigcommerce control panel, go to Setup & ToolsSet up your storeShipping.

2. Check the Shipping from address to the left. Make sure you have the correct country, state/province, and zip/post code. If it is not correct, real-time quotes cannot be processed. It often helps to make sure the city, state, and zip code match up by putting your address into Google Maps.

Address under shipping from

3. Look at the shipping zones listed under Shipping to. If you do not see any countries or custom zones that appear to contain your customer's address, that is why they are receiving the error. Verify you have all the countries set up that you want to do business with.

If you do see your customer's country proceed to step 4.

Countries and zones listed under Shipping to

4. If your customer's country is listed, click Edit next to it.

The Edit button next to the shipping zones

5. On the zone page, click Edit zone in the top right corner.

Edit zone

6. Depending on the zone's type, do the following:

  • Selection of countries - If the customer's country is in the list of Countries, skip to the next section. If not, you have found the problem.

  • Selection of states or provinces - Check the country and the list of states/provinces. If you see your customer's state/province, skip to the next section. If not, you have found the problem.

  • Advanced selection - Check the Country and the list of zip/post codes. If you see your customer's post code exactly as they have entered it, skip to the next section. If not, you have found the problem.

Sometimes customers will provide their zip/post code in a format other than you have entered it (such as entering a 9-digit zip code or leaving out a space in the postal code). If this appears to be the problem, try using wild cards in your zip/postal codes. This will account for any variations in format.

Check the flat-rate methods

If you do not have any fixed rate methods (Free Shipping, Ship by Weight, Ship by Order Total, Flat Rate) set up, skip to the next section.

1. Click the Edit button next to each fixed rate you have set up.

Edit button next to flat rate methods

2. Make sure that your customer's order falls inside one of the ranges you have specified. If it does not, make sure that you have included a default shipping cost. The default cost is what the customer will be charged if their order's weight falls outside the specified ranges. If the order falls outside the ranges and there is no default shipping cost, this method will not be used by the system in step 2 above.

3. If none of your flat-rate methods contain an applicable weight range or a default shipping cost, the system will rely only upon working real-time quotes. If you have not enabled real-time quotes, you must edit your flat-rate methods to allow your customer's order.

Checking the real-time shipping quote systems
Check the store logs to see what errors were returned by the real-time quote systems.

1. Go to Setup & ToolsAdvanced toolsStore Logs.

2. You will see the errors from the real-time quote system. Clicking the + next to it for further details may give a more specific error message. Common errors include products not having dimensions, being over the weight limits, or incorrect user information.

Use this information to determine whether there is a problem with your product weights and dimensions, your user information, or the API connection.

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