Continued data migration 12/12/2014

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We are sorry to announce that due to yesterday's outage in the old data center, and 3rd party routing outages in the last week, the data migration window has been extended by 1 week. We are working to get all accounts moved as quickly as possible. As data completes the transfer, more resources can be allocated to fully restoring and enhancing performance. The engineers believe optimization will continue through the end of the month. Some accounts may continue to see disruption/slowness throughout the month.

On or before Friday 12/19 a new update will be posted with progress.  It is not possible to provide a firm date and time for completion as there are too many external variables that can affect the time frame.

We do sincerely apologize for the delay.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I certainly understand how those "too many external variables that can affect the time frame."

I'm not saying anything ugly to the messenger because it's not the messenger's fault.

I can't believe they are continuing to put you and us through all of this.

Their conscious actions truly, speak for themselves.

Very, very disappointed in this rotten service and lack of communication!

Have a nice weekend off Homestead/Endurance. You guys & gals do a heck of a job.
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Time to cash in before the house of cards falls.
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This has been going on for years ... If you can not fix it give  us our money back and shut it down
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I have done a complete fresh install' of the desktop builder, (I am using Windows 8.1/64bit.)
I posted before on the 'Fresh Install 'on what I did. Well I have done this again, and the desktop builder is WORKING, I have opened 50+pages made changes and published, the new changes show up, it was quick as well. I made sure Framework 3.5 including .net 2 & 3 were switched on and launched the new install and all seems to be perfect :-)
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Im in the middle of trying to work the ground work for my events not going back to building a website. Really bad timing. Well my business is dependent on the communications from my clients to us because we are wedding DJs and between the weddings we need to finish us this December and the Corporate Christmas Parties I would say that I am at a complete loss of words,
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And remember, when it isn't working on next Friday they'll have another nice weekend to spend with their families.

I'm talking about the owners who appear to be from India?

Hey guys, da, which way did he go? OR > Excuse me, I just fell off of a Turnip Truck, could you please tell me where I'm at?

Keep your sitebuilder and hosting and all of your other companies. I assure you that many of your current customers will be migrating elsewhere after this. Not to mention all of Homestead's loyal employees. Thank you for waking me up ENDURANCE.

Your customer service and the service you offer is second to none.
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I know it seems that way and I understand your position. Unfortunately to move forward there are some backwards steps too. We would be truly sorry to see you leave, but we do understand.

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While backward steps are necessary in any endeavor to move forward, better communication to one's paying customers is needed.  We are now past the 12th of December.  How much longer until I can edit again via desktop?  Like 1000s of other, I've got work to do; not doing it is bad for one's reputation in the business world. 
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Hopefully I'll be able to answer that this week, but I can't right now.
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Couldn't have said it any better myself Stuart. I've been dead in the water with my site since the evening of Dec. 4th, and it's now the 16th. I do sympathize with Drew-he's got the patience of the gods, but unfortunately Drew's good intentions just aren't enough to soften the pain of lost Christmas sales revenue. And the best he is given in the way of an update to pass along to us is that it'll be back up when it's back up. I've got a new home to move my site to if I decide to do it, but I sure hate to go thru all that hassle. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you're not out here drowning in this poop by yourself. It's a stinky pile that homestead has thrown us all into! Have a good'un!
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Drew, As a non-techie, I chose Homestead because it was something I could pretty much do myself with only an occasional call to tech support. Moving my whole site is beyond my technical know-how and I can't even access all of my photos on the site to move them if I wanted to. And then there is the issue that I have paid up front for this website. Will I get that money back if I move out of Homestead now? I doubt it. Totally frustrating.
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Thank you ENDURANCE for giving me that extra confidence to explore OTHER SERVICES.

Merry Christmas,
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What a mess and daunting task to look forward to (at least 30-40 websites to rebuild)........but I think I'm going to start moving all my accounts..this is BULL!!!  If they did it to us this Christmas with no warning....they might do it again next Christmas or sometime in between.  Next week could be the same crap as far as further delays. They are just buying themselves time and trying to keep everyone calm by making promises week after week.   I have no faith in this company anymore. I'm so sorry I put such faith in Homestead and talked them up so much to my clients.  Now many of us will lose much of our business because of it.  What a sad situation....I can't even get into Sitebuilder Plus now!!  I'm sorry Drew...none of this anger is directed towards you.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled 3-4 WEEKS DOWN, AND NO PRIOR CLIENT NOTIFICATION? UNACCEPTABLE!!!.

After two calls to technical assistance and an hour's wait on hold, I learned that the powers-that-be knew ahead of time that a 3-4 week moratorium for clients to be able to access their sites was going to occur. However, they never directly notified any of their clients ahead of time, which would have at least allowed clients to put something on their websites to notify visitors that the site would not be updated for that 3-4 week period. A client has to specifically request a credit for this down time, rather than automatically being given a credit for the services they were denied during this period. What kind of customer service is this? Any shut-down of this length should necessitate prior direct client notification. If I were giving a customer satisfaction rating to Homestead Technologies, it would be a minus-5 stars at this point.
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Are you saying that Sitebuilder Plus will be down for 3-4 weeks???  What???

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