Class action lawsuit against homestead

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I am considering filing a class action lawsuit for the business i have lost from over two weeks of continued problems with my clients inability to contact me. Are others interested in being a party to this lawsuit?
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Posted 7 years ago

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I've been waiting for a confirmation of a proposal I sent out 2 weeks ago.

They finally tracked me down and asked if they should hire another tech.
company because I really don't care if I get their biz.

Pissed & Embarassed
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Looks like this idea has been dropped then. I sent an email but no reply
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I'm definitely in. This is unbelieveable. Anyone know how to solve latest issue? Today it's asking me on my iphone and outlook to enter my password which I never changed and when I enter it still doesn't work.

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It would have helped if Homestead had anticipated this problem and sent everyone instructions on how to change the settings. I knew this was likely...why didn't they? They tend to shoot themselves in the foot sometimes. I was on with chat and still cannot get my Outlook Express to work like it did previously.

But filing a lawsuit is not the right solution. I am not a web developer so that is why I use Homestead....easy to use.

If you are a serious web developer why would you use Homestead? Seems like there a lot better alternatives.
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Please add us to the list for this Class Action Lawsuit! You call and they "claim" they are working on the problem time and again,,.. yet nothing is ever fixed.
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I had over 800 email and when they "transitioned" the email to the new email carrier poof they were all gone! I had them divided into 16 files so it's not like just one disappeared.... thank goodness I had them in mailchimp or I would have to go into my files and hand type them in....even with them in mailchimp it will be a pain to put them back into this site...
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I still cant get a straight accurate answer out of any of the techs. I liked Homestead. Now, I would consider changing all our websites over to someone else. When will they notify us of the issues surrounding Outlook 2013, not being able to delete any emails. and the 2 weeks of lost business due to the email issues. Not pleased.
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Count me in. There are numerous problems a small business has to deal with every day to keep it running at a profitable pace. Every service that I subscribe to seems to have great service and problems are solved mostly seamlessly without dragging on and on and on.
Homestead is not one of these services. The problems with the email have been a thorn in my side for over a year now.
Phoning them is a joke as is their chat. Chat is just a big waste of time as these people are just there to apologize and no nothing about the technical issues and how to rectify any problems. I know more about the mail system than they do so I just don't waste my time anymore.
Every morning now logging on to my emails don't work. It just stalls out after the log in. Have posted this problem and it just go to deaf ears.
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Lost approximately 350-500 products on website ( i am now rebuilding)

i was told that I had to enter in the sales tax on the "new website" which in New York is at least 30 counties and over 4500 zip codes. I had to do this manually. This took over 25 hours of my time.

i was not receiving emails on my Blackberry from the website email accounts.

I have had at least 3 calls to Homestead, without any success. The total waiting time just to speak with these helpless representatives totaled 1.5 hours.
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I am we lost quite a bit of business with the poor emails service
Still does not work right to my standards.
Please keep me posted on this
The site itself is fine but the email service is bad. We switched to 0ffice 365 and we still have not found a way to link outlook to this email. The tech side of homestead has been on no help at all with this matter.
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HOMESTEAD and their parent company Endurance International Group have zero integrity not only in the technology field but as trustworthy company. When we first started having trouble with the email last fall, the COO of Endurance offered to work closely with my organization to improve our presence and to make a donation to cover the loss towards our not-for-profit initiative - teen bullying and teen suicide. After a couple of phone calls, Mr. LaSalvia suddenly stopped returning calls or responding to emails. Efforts to reconnect proved unsuccessful. These are the kind of people at the helm of this company. Is there anything lower than pledging a donation and efforts and then completely bailing on it. We are working towards moving away from this company yet it will cost us even more money. These people lack any morals or integrity from our perspective.
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Please add us to any class action suit against Homestead and its parent company Endurance Inter Group
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I am in. I need to see this email issue resolved. I am certain that we are all relying on their services to keep our businesses going. I find it really hard to believe that they do not have 24/7 support. The internet and e-business do not close.
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I am in too..this always happens at night.. I have no access to my emails and continually get error messages..
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Me too. This is totally unacceptable. It's just one thing after another with them.
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I am new here and this scares me!!!! Is GoDaddy any better? HELP...
I read the reviews on most of these companies and they all have complaints.

This is sad.
Anyone know of any other better websites? Office365, GoDaddy, etc???
Thats a little bit of a silly thing to do, homestead notified you that they were changing the way their email works. They said that you would need to change your settings if you used an outside source to get your emails (Outlook or similar). It has been a popup when you first log in to homestead, and you received emails about it.

Smart people followed their directions and followed the links to take the necessary steps to receive their emails. It is not their fault you did not.
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I did follow all of the instructions that I was given and I still am having unresolved issues. I sent out an important document yesterday at 8:13 pm. It just arrived at the sender. This is email, not pony express. We have become accustomed to instantaneous transmission of data and most of us are not getting it.
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This action is based on events of Oct 2013 not recent migration to new email protocol. October 2013 email was shut down for almost a month.
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It is a mess indeed, a class action lawsuit is not the way to go however. Like someone said above, we may get $10 each and the lawyers will get the big money.
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Elitearchery - You must be new here. This doesn't have anything to do with changing settings. This has to do with the fact that Homestead's email has not worked properly since last March. Almost a year. That's why they changed their email, because after several months of empty promises, they still couldn't figure out why the email wasn't working. Wait until your email gets blacklisted or your email works only once in awhile and you have no way of knowing until you hear from angry customers, and then see if you still say DUH.
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You are right 5522! The fiasco cost me untold $$$$$. No way of knowing how many sales we lost.
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Yes. And add that the error messages and failure to allow outgoing email through their own servers is unacceptable.
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My emails don't always come in right away. This poses a major problem as my business deals with court time frames and lost minutes means lost clients on my end.

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